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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy S10 Android 10 & 12 Reasons You Should



Install Android 10 If You've Got Android Pie Problems

Install Android 10 If You've Got Android Pie Problems

If you're dealing with problems on Android Pie, and you can't seem to find a fix, you might want to install Android 10 right away. It could do wonders for your phone's performance. 

Again, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 update isn't perfect. There are bugs and performance issues that need maintenance. That said, it could improve your device's performance in several ways. 

Some Galaxy S10 users are noticing improved battery life and a smoother user interface. Some Galaxy S10 users who were experiencing random reboots on Android Pie aren't seeing them on Android 10. 

Android updates, particularly major releases like Android 10, have been known to iron out common performance issues like severe battery drain, reboots, lag, and issues with connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, GPS). 

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 is tied to a specific carrier, there's a good chance your carrier will tack on additional bug fixes to your upgrade. 

Samsung's version of Android 10 also comes with a few changes to Device Care (formerly known as Device Maintenance). 

In Android 10, the battery usage graph now provides more detailed information. The company's also added a battery limit-setting and other enhancements for Wireless PowerShare.

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