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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy S10 Android 10 & 12 Reasons You Should



The Android 10 update could have a huge impact on your Galaxy S10’s performance. And while some Galaxy S10 owners should install the software soon after it arrives, others might want to hold out for a few hours, days, or longer.

After a lengthy beta, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 update is finally rolling out. The update initially landed for those enrolled in the company’s One UI beta program, but the software has moved onto those running Android 10.

The Android 10/One UI 2.0 update is currently rolling out in Germany, India, South Korea, and several other regions including the United States. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have all pushed the Galaxy S10 Android 10 update.

If you’ve followed the Galaxy S10 Android 10 update’s journey to the official release you know that the software comes with a long list of changes for the Galaxy S10 series.

One of the most obvious changes is Samsung’s new One UI 2.0 which brings tweaks and style changes to the company’s user interface for Galaxy phones.

Some of the more notable changes include improvements to Dark Mode (formally known as Night Mode), smoother animations, full screen gestures, improvements to one-handed mode, new features for Device Care, camera improvements, and a whole lot more.

Android 10 could have a tremendous impact on your Galaxy S10’s performance. And while some of you will see improvements, others will run into bugs and performance issues.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 problems are popping up and they include common problems like connectivity issues, abnormal battery drain, and more. Keep this in mind as you wait for the Android 10 download to popup on your phone.

There are plenty of reasons to install the Android 10 update when it arrives for your Galaxy S10. That said, there are some reasons why you might want to hold off and wait. The potential for problems is just one of the reasons.

If you’re on the fence about what to do, this guide will take you through the best reasons to, and not to, install Android 10 right now.

We’ll continue to add to the list as we discover useful features and as Samsung adds new functions to Android 10 and the One UI over the next year.

Install Android 10 for Better Security

Install Android 10 for Better Security

If security is important to you (and it should be) you should think about installing the Galaxy S10 Android 10 update soon after it arrives for your phone. 

Samsung continues to push important security patches to the Galaxy S10 series and your Android 10 update should bring the latest patches from Samsung, and Google, to your device. 

We expect upcoming versions of Android 10 to come with newer security patches. Remember, Samsung releases critical patches every month. 

If you're curious about Samsung's security updates, you can read more about the changes on Samsung's website

If you failed to download an older security update from a previous month, you'll get those patches when you go to install Android 10 on your phone. 

Android 10 also brings several improvements to device security and you can read about those right here in Google's change log

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