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21 Exciting Things the Surface Pro Can Do



The Microsoft Surface Pro is a notebook with the looks and slim profile of a tablet PC. Though there are many kinds of tablet PCs today, the Surface Pro for was the first and this article will cover all the exciting things that you can do with a Surface Pro.

Because of its unorthodox design, Surface Pro’s are made for people who can’t get by with a traditional notebook or want to save money. Its slim body, long battery life and lack of fans make it the perfect replacement for a tablet. A dedicated Tablet Mode allows you to easily navigate Windows with your finger. When you need to get work done, it’s ready for that too. Just attach Microsoft’s Surface Type Cover or connect a mouse and keyboard and you’re ready to work with Office 365, Adobe Photoshop and other programs like you would on a laptop.

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What is the Surface Pro?

There are two kinds of Surface Pro tablets you can buy today. One is a little better, but they both can do the same things. For example, both have 12.3-inch 2756 x 1824 resolution displays, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a slot on the bottom for you to add a keyboard.

The 2017 Surface Pro has rounded edges that are easier to grip than older Surface Pro devices. And, new Intel Core m3, Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors lend it better performance than previous models. Even with the extra power, it lasts for 13.5 hours of video. When paired with the new Surface Pen, the device can detect 4,096 different levels of pressure as you write or draw on its screen.

A 2017 Surface Pro starts at $799.99, and you must spend $999.99 to get a model with an Intel Core i5 processor. The most powerful 2017 Surface Pro devices have Intel Core i7 processors. They start at $1,599.

You can still find the Surface Pro 4 at some retailers and on Microsoft’s website. It’s a slight step down from the newer models despite having many of the same features and all the same ports. It only lasts for 9 hours of video, and it can only detect 1,092 different levels of pressure as you write or draw on it with a Surface Pen. Because it uses older processors, it’s not as powerful as the latest models either, so apps and programs can take longer to load on it.

A Surface Pro 4 costs $764 from the Microsoft Store.

What Can the Surface Pro Do?

Every Surface Pro that you can buy today comes with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft is always updating Windows 10 with new apps, features and software upgrades that let users do more.

  1. View and Reply to Text Messages
  2. Make Your Smartphone Screen Bigger
  3. Unlock Without a Password
  4. View and Sketch on Maps
  5. Play a Song or Ask a Question from Across the Room
  6. Replace Your Tablet
  7. Connect to Accessories without Dongles
  8. Save Your Passwords Across Devices
  9. Let You Know When Someone Is Calling
  10. Use a Physical Dial to Change Settings
  11. Multitask with Picture-in-Picture
  12. Scan Your Documents & Files
  13. Replace Your Pinboard
  14. Become Your Sketchbook
  15. Become an Xbox One
  16. Check Your Emails and Notes for Appointments
  17. Replace Your Laptop
  18. Take Charge of Your Schedule
  19. Sync What You’re Doing from Your Phone to Your Surface
  20. Replace Your eBook Reader
  21. Sync Pictures from Your Phone Automatically

Here are the most exciting things your Surface Pro can do.

View and Reply to Text Messages

View and Reply to Text Messages

With a Surface Pro, you can leave your phone on your charger and still get every text message that someone sends you. Even better, you don’t need to pick up your phone and reply to messages either.

Install the Cortana app on your phone and she automatically drops any messages that you receive into the Action Center. This is the screen that opens when you place your finger on the right edge of your display and slide it to the left. When you need to reply, just click on the text box and type your message on your computer. Cortana will reach out to your phone over Wi-Fi and use your Android phone’s default messaging app to send the message.

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