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Early Fallout 4 Mods



As we wait for Bethesda to release its official Fallout 4 mod tool, developers are cooking up some early Fallout 4 mods that allow you to see the full dialogue interface, new items and tweaks for settlements, and graphical improvements that enhance everything from water to the weather.

In June, Bethesda confirmed plans to release a Fallout 4 mod tool for PC that will allow developers to create their own mods for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

The official mod tool is expected to be released in 2016 with mods first becoming available for PC, then Xbox One, then PS4 sometime later.


We still don’t have an official release date but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for Fallout 4 mods to arrive. Developers are already hard at work and we’ve seen a number of interesting Fallout 4 mods for PC emerge.

These early Fallout 4 mods will require you to extract files and make some other modifications but they’re worth a look if you’re looking to change up the PC version of Fallout 4.

Before you dig in, make sure you read the instructions carefully. You are taking some risk by modding your game and there’s a chance your save file could become corrupted. Be careful and be patient, especially if this is your first time using mods.

There are a number of interesting mods out there but here our favorites so far. There are plenty more to come so keep checking back.

Macho Man Randy Deathclaw

Just watch the video below. Oh yeah.

Lightsaber Renew

You knew this was coming.


With the Lightsaber Renew mod, you can wield a Star Wars lightsaber in Fallout 4. We don’t think we need to say any more than that. Take a look.

Become a Stormtrooper

If you want to become a Stormtrooper in Fallout 4, you can do that too thanks to a new mod that does exactly that.


The Stormtrooper Combat Armor mod features a very authentic looking Stormtrooper style armor that can be seen in the photo above.

The developer might be adding new variants in the future including a red variant so keep an eye out for that.


Fallout 4 Seasons – Grass – Trees – Plants – Snow is one of the coolest mods for PC and it brings the seasons to the wasteland.

With the mod installed, you’ll get a fall season that adds autumn foliage and plants, a fall season that brings snow, a colorful spring season that’s full of blooming plants, and a summer that’s void of flowers.

Spring Cleaning

The Spring Cleaning mod is essential for those of you that want to quickly free up space for your settlements.


The mod allows you to quickly get rid of the stuff that you’re unable to scrap in the vanilla version of the game.

Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests

‘Nuff said.

New Hairstyles

A new mod brings 12 new ponytail hairstyles to Fallout 4 though they are limited to female characters only at this time.


If you’re looking for something a little different than the default options, this is a mod that should be on your radar.

FPS Boost

PC users have been complaining about FPS problems since release. And while the 1.02 patch improved performance some users, others are still having a hard time.


While this mod can’t be viewed as a cure-all fix for frame rate problems, it could help. The mod tones down shadows and it addresses problems with the game’s fog.

If you’re having a major FPS issues, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Legendary Modifications

Do you want to craft legendary modifications onto your weapons, armor and power armor? Sure you do. And this mod allows you to do just that.


Legendary Modification by teaLz is going to be useful to those of you that want to get a little more out of your items. Just note that you’ll need in-game materials to craft these modifications.

Simple Intersection

This is a very simple mod but it’s also going to be useful to those of you that are heavily invested in crafting settlements.


Simple Intersection allows you to place items like floors and walls slightly into another object so that you won’t have any gaps.

Armor Size

Another simple but extremely useful Fallout 4 mod. The Armor Size mod allows you to create Light, Sturdy and Heavy armor mods at the armor workbench.


These improvements can be used with Leather, Metal, Combat, Raider and Synth armor variants. If you want to improve your armor, this is a mod worth considering.

Settlement Attack Warning

It can be easy to miss Bethesda’s stock warning for settlement attacks. With this mod, you’ll never miss an attack on a settlement again.


This mod adds a warning that will get your attention whenever your settlers are being attacked. This will help you save your settlements and it will cut down on the amount of time you spend checking your Pip Boy.

Better Looking Shotguns and Rifles

Another favorite, this Fallout 4 mod improves the look of rifles and shotguns by improving the texture quality.


The guns look absolutely stunning in-game and the mod is a must for anyone that typically uses rifles and shottys in the game.

Outfit and Body Customization

BodySlide and Outfit Studio is an extremely impressive Fallout 4 mod that allows you to fully customize outfits for your character.


It will take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it you’re going to love it. If you need help, make sure you take a look at the tutorials.

Robot Defense

Want to create robots to defend your character and your settlements? Take a look at the Robot Home Defence mod.


With this mod, you can:

You can travel with any number of them and you share inventory and issue commands like you would with a regular companion.

New Vault Suit

Want to update how your vault suit looks? Try this mod.

The Proto Vault Suit mod allows you to replace any regular vault suit with a sleek looking Proto Vault Suit. The suit can be seen in the video above.

Crafting Workbenches

If you want to upgrade your settlements workbench, try out this Crafting Workbenches mod.


With the mod installed you’ll be able to craft “melee and ranged weapons, ammo, armor and power armor of all kinds, clothing, outfits, helmets, glasses, masks as well as bobby pins and other miscellaneous items.”

The developer will continue to improve the mod with planned updates so keep an eye out for changes in the future.

Improved Diamond City Radio

Want to add some new songs to the Diamond City Radio track list? Check out this More Where That Came From Diamond City Radio Edition mod from OldManMose76.

The mod adds 111 thematically appropriate songs (if you like Bing Crosby you’ll love this mod) and it also disables Travis’ introductions so you don’t have to hear them over and over again.

Stacked Concrete

This mod is pretty basic but it could prove useful to those of you who love crafting settlements.


With this mod enabled, you can now stack concrete. This allows you to make pillars like the ones in the image above. More importantly, you can now use them to make walkable concrete floors.

Infinite Ammo for Your Companion

Pretty self explanatory. This mod gives your companion infinite ammo for his or her weapon.

Light Improvements

The wasteland is a barren place but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t using lights. There are tons of them and this mod aims to improve the game’s lighting.


Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks brings some changes that will improve lighting both indoors and outdoors. The image above shows you how a light looks without the mod. The image below shows what it looks like with the mod turned on. There is a noticeable difference.


If you want to improve the look of your game, this is a great mod to have installed.


Armorsmith Extended is an extensive Fallout 4 mod and it’s one of the best around.

This mod allows you to wear anything under your armor (similar to another mod listed further down in the list) but it also adds new armor for your character and Dogmeat, lets you rename and customize any piece of clothing, and so much more.


It’s definitely worth a look if you’re into armor customization and dressing your character and his or her companion.

Quiet Settlements

If you want to cut down on the noise in your settlements (turrets, generators, etc), this is the Fallout 4 mod for you.

Quieter Settlements cuts down on the noise and makes settlement life a little more peaceful. And yes, you can adjust the noise to your liking.

Better Looking Storms

Want to improve the look and feel of storms in Fallout 4? Sure you do.

True Storms is a popular mod that will make storms even more realistic and even more intense with new textures and sounds. The videos here will give you some idea.

The developer is going to continue to improve this mod so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for updates.

Longer Power Lines

If you’ve been longing to increase the length of power lines for your settlements, look no further than this mod.

The Longer Power Lines mod delivers on its promise and it’s available to settlement creators for free. Give it a shot.

Settlement Supplies Expanded & Homemaker

Bethesda’s settlement crafting comes with a select number of items that you can use to decorate and improve your expansions. A mod called Settlement Supplies Expanded adds a ton of new objects to the mix.


The latest update adds well over 100 new objects including furniture, doors, tons of static objects including cars, food planters, and an alternate power armor rack. If you’re into crafting expansions, this mod is worth a look.

Homemaker is another option if you’re looking to add more things to your settlement.

Better Looking Landscape

If you want the wasteland’s landscape to look a little better, you can make that happen with this mod from Hein84.


Vivid Fallout sharpens the textures and improves the shadows of the terrain to give it a more realistic look in-game. The result is pretty stunning.

Easier Hacking

If you absolutely hate the hacking mini-game in Fallout 4, and many people do, this mod will replace it with the correct answer.


You can also use console commands to do this if you don’t want to install the mod.

Value Per Weight

If you tend to pick up everything you see, you might want to pick up this mod because it will show you the value per weight.


This will help you decide if something is worth picking up when you’re out scavenging the wasteland. It’ll be particularly useful when you’re running out of space.

Improved Map with Roads

If the map on the default Pip Boy isn’t clear enough for you, try this mod that makes water, roads and topography easier to see.


The Improved Map with Visible Roads mod makes all of these things easier to see on the Pip Boy and it could help make your journey across the wasteland a little easier.

Craftable Ammo

Have you ever wanted to craft ammunition? Now you can thanks to the Craftable Ammunition modification for PC.


This mod allows you to use the Chemistry Station to craft upgrades for your ammo. You can see some of the upgrades for the Mini Nuke in the screenshot above.

Better Settlement Budget

If you want a higher settlement budget (translation: you want to build a monstrosity), you can do that with this mod.

The Higher Settlement Budget mod takes away Bethesda’s restrictions and allows you to fill up your settlements with more stuff.

Terrain in the Distance Looks Better

If you want the terrain in the distance to look better, try this mod.


FAR – Faraway Area Reform (LOD) by SparrowPrince will improve performance and detail of the landscape out there in front of you. It’s a simple mod but it it’s one that many Fallout 4 modders love. 

More Armor Slots

If you want to add more armor slots to use with items that take up the allotted amount of slots (Clean Suit, etc), you can.


More Armor Slots opens up additional armor slots so that you can use more items. The developer says that there is some clipping that will occur but that’s going to be a small price to pay for those that want to use more than what Bethesda offers.

Improved Pip Boy Textures

If you’re interested in making the Pip Boy (and its features) look better, try this mod.

Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy (Pip-Boy) UHD 4K by Gorgulla adds:

  • Up to 8x the resolution for the Pip-Boy
  • Subtle Ambient occlusion on the model.
  • Normalmap and diffuse together to give more depth.
  • Better improved normalmap
  • New screws, cogs and lamp.
  • Not a simple recolor.

Full Dialogue

Dialogue is a huge part of Fallout 4. You’ll converse with tons and tons of people during your travels. And while some of your responses will be harmless, others could have an effect on the storyline and your favor with a character. That’s what makes this Full Dialogue Interface Fallout 4 mod so appealing.


Instead of short quips that paraphrase what your character will say, you now get the full option similar to how it was in Fallout 3. So, you’ll always know that you’re going to say to a character and what impact it might have on your standing with them.

Play Doom on the Pip Boy

The Pip Boy features several mini-games that you’ll acquire throughout your journey in Boston and its surrounding wasteland. The list of games doesn’t include Doom though you can use a mod to play the original Doom on your Pip Boy if you wish.


The mod is called Doom for the PipBoy and it provides you access to an old school classic. At the expense of the Red Menace game though. Before you install, know that it will replace Red Menace on your Pip Boy so take that into consideration.

The developer is going to continue work on the mod so hopefully they’re able to release a version that doesn’t replace one of the official games.

Enhanced Wasteland

One of the first Fallout 4 mods is a mod called Enhanced Wasteland Preset. It’s also one of the best Fallout 4 mods out right now.

Enhanced Wasteland Preset does exactly that. It enhances the look of the wasteland with some tweaks and changes. The developer recently released Version 2.0 which comes with Ambient Light, an optional Depth of Field option, and more.

If you want to make your version of Fallout 4 look a little better, this is a mod worth downloading right now.

Configuration Tool

The Fallout 4 Configuration Tool from Bilago allows you to easily tweak some of most important Fallout 4 settings. Some of these will also help you improve the game’s performance.


You change Field of View, easily disable Mouse Acceleration, lock the frame rate, or completely disable gore. All in one place.

Lower Your Weapon When Not Firing

One Fallout 4 player hated how your gun is always pointing up, even when it’s not in use. So, he or she developed a Lowered Weapons mod.

With this mod turned on, you’ll add a little more realism to the game. Now, when you’re not firing, your gun will be pointed downwards. And yes, it works with Power Armor.

Better Looking Blood

You, and many others, will spill blood in Fallout 4. So why not make it look as realistic as possible?


Well, now you can thanks to the Enhanced Blood Textures mod. High resolution blood replaces Bethesda’s to give you a more realistic touch to the gory combat in the game.

Beautiful Eyes

If you’re really into making a realistic looking Fallout 4 character, you’re really going to be into this new PC mod.

The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition replaces the normal textures with some enhanced and realistic eye textures that make them look more real. The mod works for both male and female characters and it looks great.

Better Looking Stars

If marveling at blood isn’t your thing, try this Fallout 4 mod that improves the look of the stars in the sky.

Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars brings the stars from 1K to 4K, adds a glimmering effect, and also adds some bigger stars to the sky.

Alternative Water Textures

Or how about some alternative water textures that make the game’s water look even more realistic? You can do that too.


The WET – Water Enhancement Textures mod by SparrowPrince will make water in the world look and feel more consistent.

Fallout 4 Mod Manager

If you’re downloading a bunch of mods, it’ll be nice to have a mod manager that allows you to keep everything nice and tidy.


That’s precisely what this Fallout 4 Mod Manager will help you accomplish. Download it and you’ll be able to keep track of everything you’ve changed.

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