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Google Pixel 2: 5 Reasons to Wait & 3 Reasons Not To



Waiting for the Google Pixel 2 release date will be tough and we’re here to tell you if waiting is even the right decision.

Those looking for a new Android smartphone have some excellent options here in 2017. Popular devices like the Galaxy Note 8LG G6 and the aging Google Pixel XL. From big screens to great performance, each phone has a lot to offer. That said, they aren’t your only option in the second half of 2017.

With the Pixel 2 launch event just a few days away, many potential buyers are weighing their options. On October 4th Google will unveil a new Pixel 2, and a bigger 6-inch bezel-free Pixel XL 2. Here’s what we know, and whether or not they’re worth waiting for.

The Pixel XL 2 might look like this

Large phones like the Galaxy S8+ or even the Google Pixel XL are readily available making it tough to wait for Google’s next phone, but there are several reasons to do so. First off, we expect Google to announce two smartphones with different screen sizes to fit any users needs. The bigger of the two offering an edge-to-edge screen similar to the LG G6. Second, these will offer great cameras and the latest version of Android Oreo.

It’s a tough choice and those on the fence are likely looking for some guidance. We want to help you make the right decision by sharing some information, rumors and the latest Pixel 2 news. And while a lot of this release is still a mystery, we have a good idea of what to expect. This guide takes you through a few reasons to wait for the Google Pixel 2 release or the Pixel XL 2. We’ll also explain why many of the current phones are just as good and worth buying today.

Wait If You Want the Best Android Software Support

Wait If You Want the Best Android Software Support

If you want the best Android software experience, speed, and support available, you'll want to hold out for the two new 2017 Pixel phones. 

This is the second phone released by Google, and the company will want everything perfect. A huge reason many will choose the Pixel 2 is that it will run the latest software from Google. Android 8.0 Oreo is available for some right now, but many expect Android 8.0.1 or even Android 8.1 to debut with the Pixel 2.

Google updates its products first, releases developer previews and betas, and gives its users access to new features before the rest of the world. Yes, you may deal with bugs during these times, but many of the benefits outweigh the cons. 

Additionally, Google supports its devices longer than some manufacturers, so you know the Pixel 2 will get software and security updates for more than a year. The experience should be top-notch, and performance buttery smooth. 

Finally, information from XDA Developers suggests Google has some neat software features in the works. Like an improved always-on display, squeezable frame to launch the Google Assistant (even when the screen is off) and more. Some include an always-on display, enhanced camera features, and even Google Lens, which we saw at Google I/O. We'll have to wait and see. 



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