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Got a Cracked Screen? 5 Best Smartphone Screen Repair Options



A cracked smartphone screen can ruin your day and, if you don’t have the right repair options, it could ruin your month. This is how to fix a cracked screen on your iPhone or Android. We also have a guide on how to fix a cracked screen without replacing it.

Replacing an iPhone or Android in the middle of a payment plan is expensive and, with trade-in offers, there is less chance that you have a spare phone to rely on.

We’ll walk through the options you can use to fix your broken iPhone screen or broken Android screen. There are a variety of ways you can fix your broken screen and options to look for help. Here are the options you should consider using to fix your broken smartphone screen without breaking the bank.

If you drop your iPhone or Android without a case you may end up looking for a solution. Cases can help, but the odds are good that if you are reading this you are looking for a solution for a screen you already cracked.

You don’t need to go buy a new iPhone for $650 or pay full price for a new Android phone out-of-pocket to fix your device. You can get a temporary fix for a few dollars and there are great options that cost $100-$200. If you have a warranty you can pay as little as $29 for a replacement iPhone screen and some cell phone stores even offer same day repairs.

If you end up with a cracked screen, here are five different repair options that could work for you, including a DIY screen repair without replacing your screen.

1. Contact the Manufacturer

Before you attempt any DIY screen repair options you should check with the company that made your phone.

See if you can get a free screen repair or replacement.

See if you can get a free screen repair or replacement.

Apple offers AppleCare+ if you buy within 60 days of buying a new device. This is $99 to $129 depending on your iPhone and there is a deductible for accidental damage. You are supposed to buy this before your iPhone screen breaks, but we’ve seen Apple Geniuses allow users to buy this plan with a broken screen and then get a replacement. We’ve also seen the occasional free repair, but that depends on a lot of factors lining up in your favor. If you have AppleCare+ you only need to pay $29 for a screen repair and they will do it in the store while you wait.

HTC offers an Uh-Oh protection plan that covers a screen replacement if your HTC One M9 breaks within the first year. This is a free replacement and the new device arrives fast.

Samsung sells a Galaxy S9 warranty and warranty plans for other Samsung phones like AppleCare+ does. If you buy this before the damage happens you are covered.

While not officially supported, a Samsung rep at Best Buy recently told a friend to buy the warranty after his screen broke, wait a month and then get a replacement. This isn’t the best way to do it, but it’s an option that a Samsung rep told him to do while clearly seeing his broken screen.

2. Screen Protector or Tape

If you cannot fix your broken smartphone screen right away, there are some steps you can take to use the iPhone or Android with a broken screen. Assuming only the glass is broken, which means the screen still shows an image and responds to touch, you can use this as a stopgap until you can afford to replace the screen yourself.

Use a temporary solution if you have an upgrade coming or need to save up for a repair.

Use a temporary solution if you have an upgrade coming or need to save up for a repair.

Clean the screen as best you can and then place a wide piece of packaging tape over the screen. Trim off any excess tap and you should be able to continue using the phone. This will prevent the crack from growing and parts of the glass from falling off onto your lap or into your finger.

You can also buy a screen protector to place over the broken screen. A glass protector or a good plastic one will at least keep your screen in the current condition.

3. DIY Screen Repair and Replacement

The cheapest way to fix a broken iPhone screen or broken Android screen is to perform a DIY screen replacement.

This is involved, but it is not impossible. You can replace the screen on your iPhone or Android fairly easily using online tutorials. Sometimes you will need to replace the screen and other times you will only need to replace the glass.

Try a DIY iPhone screen repair or Android repair.

Try a DIY iPhone screen repair or Android repair.

iFixit is a great option for learning how to replace a cracked screen yourself. They offer DIY screen replacement guides for many devices.

You can buy a new Android or iPhone screen from iFixit, from eBay, Amazon and other sites. Make sure you do your research so that you get the right screen for your device and that you get a good quality one if you plan to buy one that is not an original replacement (OEM replacement).

Make sure you also buy the tools you need to complete a replacement. Watch a YouTube video and look at the guides before you buy parts to make sure it is something you can complete. Depending on the tools and parts you need, this DIY screen repair could cost you $100 to $250.

4. Out of Warranty Repair

If you are not able to spend the time or you don’t have the expertise needed to repair your cracked iPhone screen or cracked Android screen on your own, there are other options instead of buying a new phone.

Make sure you investigate out of warranty repair costs before you try fixing it yourself.

Make sure you investigate out of warranty repair costs before you try fixing it yourself.

Look into the out of warranty repair option for your device. Apple offers an out of warranty iPhone screen repair option that is cheaper than buying the parts and doing it yourself in many cases.

  • iPhone 5 Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $129
  • iPhone 5s/c Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $129
  • iPhone 6 Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $109
  • iPhone 6 Plus Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $129
  • iPhone SE Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $129
  • iPhone 6s Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $129
  • iPhone 6s Plus Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $149
  • iPhone 7 Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $129
  • iPhone 7 Plus Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $149
  • iPhone 8 Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $149
  • iPhone 8 Plus Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $169
  • iPhone X Out of Warranty Screen Replacement – $279

You will need to contact Samsung, HTC or other manufacturers to get the cost of fixing your broken Android screen out of warranty.

5. Local Repair Shop

If you are not near an Apple Store or don’t want to send your Android phone back to the manufacturer you can look into a local repair shop. Even in smaller cities there is usually one place doing repairs to broken iPhone screens or Android screens.

Find a local repair shop to fix your broken smartphone screen.

Find a local repair shop to fix your broken smartphone screen.

Keep in mind these sources may not all use the same level of parts. Apple no longer voids your warranty when a third party iPhone screen repair is done. This is good news, but if there is any damage to the iPhone from the third-party repair you may end up with a voided warranty. If your phone is less than a year old it may be worth checking the official repair options.

Research the place to find out if they offer any warranty on their work. Many places will offer at least a short period where they promise the repair will not break. Read reviews and ask on Facebook. That’s how I found the best local screen repair shop.

10 Best iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 Screen Protectors

InvisibleShield iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Screen Protectors

InvisibleShield iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Screen Protectors

These iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 screen protectors will help protect your iPhone screen with shatter protection or help repel oil and smudges from your iPhone screen. There is also an iPhone 7 option that includes a case and will pay for screen repair if the screen protector doesn't keep your screen safe. 

Zagg offers many different iPhone 7 screen protector options and will even replace your iPhone screen protector if it breaks. They don't cover the screen unless you have that plan. The Glass+ is available for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 an iPhone 8 Plus. the iPhone 8 Plus also includes several film options. 

The new Glass+ 360 screen protectors include protection for the front and back of your phone. 

Glass+ 360 - This new protection include a glass screen protector on for the front of your phone and a hybrid glass protector for the back. The kit comes with a bumper that protects the corners of your phone. This is a total protection solution that still shows off your phone's design.  $69.99 at Invisibleshield

InvisibleShield Glass+ – An extremely durable tempered glass screen protector with advanced impact protection, scratch resistance, and reinforced edges. Glass+ features Ion Matrix technology which strengthens, polishes and eliminates imperfections in glass, making it 2X more impact resistant than an unprotected screen

InvisibleShield Screen Guarantee Plan - This includes an InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense screen protector and a case. If your screen breaks they send you a $100 Visa gift card. 

If you cannot stand seeing fingerprints or you are constantly dropping your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, these are amazing options to consider.

Tthe Glass+ is $39.99. Invisibleshield makes these for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus as well as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.



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  3. desi

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  5. Debbie

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    While these all seem like decent options, I think the best option you have listed is to have it replaced or repaired. I have repaired a phone on my own and it didn’t work out so well. It is better if someone else does it or you just get a replacement.

  11. Andy Harrison

    03/22/2016 at 11:35 am

    If this were to happen to me, I would probably look for a repair shop. I wouldn’t want to attempt to repair the screen by myself. Something could go wrong and then I’d have to buy a whole new phone.

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  14. Les Singleton

    05/29/2016 at 12:21 am

    I have a single crack across my screen, so can’t unlock the phone, as the bottom half, beneath the crack, is unresponsive. Is there anything I can put into the crack to restore it temporarily so I can unlock it to extract information? A new screen isn’t an option, as it’s an Elephone P6000 – parts not available. Thanks

  15. Curtis

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    my screen is broken & I wanna fix it right away

  16. Alise Harper

    08/05/2016 at 3:55 pm

    I recently dropped my phone and the whole screen shattered. I honestly didn’t know there are local shops that can repair my phone screen. I will have to look up places near me that will fix the screen. I also will definitely keep the other options in mind for the future. Thanks for the information!

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