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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Release Date, Details & Features



The Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date arrives sometime this year and you better be ready when it does. Use this breakdown to learn all about the new smartphone game’s features, requirements and rumored gameplay.

If you found Pokémon GO interesting, you will love Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Niantic Labs, the company that developed Pokemon GO, is working with Warner Brothers on this new title. Like that 2016 hit, Wizards Unite will task you with roaming your city and town to find creatures and character upgrades. Expect the game to emphasize playing with other people and meeting up at different locations to share resources.

Here’s everything we know about the Harry Potter Wizards Unite release.

When Is the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Release Date?

Niantic Labs and Warner Brothers haven’t shared the official Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date yet. That’s despite announcing the new mobile game in October of 2017.

That being said, we do have a general idea of when the game is coming. Expect Harry Potter Wizards Unite to arrive in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store sometime this summer. The two confirmed the game will launch sometime in 2018, and we know that Pokémon GO owes some of its success to its summer launch. The warm weather and longer days encouraged players to go out and explore their neighborhood to find new creatures.

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Wizards Unite Features

We know more about Harry Potter Wizards Unite features than we do anything else.

The game’s official website confirms that players will need to explore the world around them. Doing that will unlock “mysterious artifacts.” It’s unclear if these artifacts are trinkets from the Harry Potter books – like the Philosopher’s Stone —  or new items made for Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

We also know that players will learn to cast spells in the game, though, how that feature will work is also unclear. Augmented reality games use your smartphone’s sensors to make the game appear as if it’s taking place in the real world. Casting a spell could require flourishing your phone in a specific way, for example. In the books and movies, how you move your wand as you perform a spell is just as important as how you say the spell.

Expect Wizards Unite creatures appear in front of you like Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite may have a sorting ceremony to decide what Hogwarts house your character belongs to. As Niantic’s games always have competing factions of players, this seems like a lock, and Hogwarts houses are a natural fit for that.

Finally, Harry Potter Wizards Unite includes the beasts and characters that the books and movies are known for. The game’s official website says so. Unfortunately, we don’t know who those characters are. Count on Warner Brothers and Niantic adding more characters to the game over time. Also, expect the game to use your smartphone’s camera to make characters and magical beasts appear as if they are standing or sitting in front of you.

What Smartphone Can Play Wizards Unite

Expect Harry Potter Wizards Unite to install on all mid-range Android smartphones and iPhones from the last four years or so.

The more people can install Harry Potter Wizards Unite on their phone, the bigger chance it has of spawning a huge community. Developers need their game on as many devices as possible for it to succeed. That means keeping the resource requirements for their games low enough that millions can download it to their phone and play together.

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If your smartphone meets Pokémon GO’s requirements, there’s a very good chance it will meet Harry Potter Wizards Unite’s requirements.

Pokémon GO requires Android phones have Android 4.4 installed and 2GB of RAM or more. For the best experience, your device needs a GPS sensor. The game uses that sensor to determine where you are and overlay PokeStops and Gyms on your map.

You must have iOS 9 to play Pokémon GO on an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The game works on Apple smartphones as old as the iPhone 5.

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Even if your smartphone meets these requirements, you may not get all the augmented reality features that other Wizards Unite players get. For example, Pokémon GO’s creatures only appear as if they’re standing in front of you in the real world when your phone is powerful enough to support that. Otherwise, Pokémon just have a generic backdrop behind them when you encounter them.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta Details

A Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta this spring feels like a certainty despite Niantic not confirming that yet.

We can count on a Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta because developers must test mobile games that have the features this game will have before release. In fact, Warner Brothers and Niantic Labs have more reasons to hold a beta than other mobile games. Niantic spent weeks addressing stability problems and fixing issues after Pokémon GO launched in 2016 with broken servers and a barely working app. The company will want to do everything it can to stop that from happening with this release.

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How to Hear About Harry Potter Wizards Unite Release As Soon As It Happens

Don’t miss any Harry Potter Wizards Unite release details. The official Harry Potter Wizards Unite website lets you sign up for the game’s newsletter today. If you add your email, Niantic Labs will send you news of the game’s release and details about what’s coming the moment those details are ready to share.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t let you create a username for your character or choose a Hogwarts house yet.

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