Here’s When to Expect the iOS 11.2 Release Date

Apple hasn’t confirmed an iOS 11.2 release date, but the company’s second milestone upgrade will likely be released before the end of the year.

iOS 11.1 is still in beta though a release could happen any day now. When it clears beta, Apple’s first milestone iOS 11 update will deliver new emoji characters, crucial bug fixes, and important security patches to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.

Once iOS 11.1 arrives, attention will start to shift to the company’s next major iOS 11 update. The iOS 11.2 update is confirmed and it will also bring some exciting changes to iOS 11 users.

Apple’s iOS 11.2 update is currently without an official release date though we do have one clue to help us narrow down a potential release window for iOS users.

iOS 11.2 introduces SiriKit for HomePod. SiriKit allows iOS apps and watchOS apps to work with Siri and the HomeKit via natural voice interaction.

Apple is encouraging developers to optimize their apps for HomePod’s arrival. Developers can test “the voice-only experience by using Siri through headphones” that are connected to an iOS device running the iOS 11.2 beta.

The HomePod is still without an official release date, but the company says the smart speaker is still on track for release in December. Apple hasn’t confirmed, but given the tie-in with HomePod, the iOS 11.2 update is probably on track for a December release as well.

Apple’s iOS updates typically go through a month of beta testing before they’re released to the public so the timing of the first iOS 11.2 beta release makes a lot of sense.

The release gives developers a month (or so) to prepare for the HomePod release and it gives the company several weeks to test the iOS 11.2 update for bugs and performance issues. Apple will likely release several iOS 11.2 betas before it releases the software to the public.

In addition to SiriKit for HomePod, Apple’s iOS 11.2 update includes several other changes including bug fixes for lingering iOS 11 issues.

The first iOS 11.2 beta includes a fix for the iOS 11 calculator bug, a new animation when tapping the top right corner of music panel in Control Center, and several cosmetic changes including new camera emojis.

iPhone and iPad users looking to try the iOS 11.2 update and its changes ahead of the official release date can do so via the iOS 11.2 beta.

Apple’s iOS 11.2 release date is still weeks away, but iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users will get a substantial upgrade ahead of its release.

The company’s iOS 11.1 update will deliver 50+ new emoji characters to iOS users including a zombie, a genie, an elf, an exploding head, a mage, a coconut, a sandwich, and a vampire.

The iOS 11.1 update will also bring back the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture, deliver a fix for an annoying Reachability bug, and provide a fix for a serious Wi-Fi vulnerability called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack).

Apple hasn’t confirmed an official iOS 11.1 release date though a roll out for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch could be imminent.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 11.1.2 & 10 Reasons You Should

Install iOS 11.1.2 If You Own an iPhone X

Install iOS 11.1.2 If You Own an iPhone X

If you picked up Apple's new flagship phone you should think about installing the iOS 11.1.2 update. It comes with two fixes for iPhone X problems. 

The iOS 11.1.2 change log lists two bug fixes, both of them are for the iPhone X.

One is a fix for an issue where the iPhone X screen becomes temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid temperature drop.

We experienced this issue when using the device in cold weather. We've only been using the new update for a short time, but the issue hasn't returned.

Even if you haven't experienced the problem on your iPhone X you might want to download the update just to be safe.

The iOS 11.1.2 update also addresses an issue that could cause distortion in Live Photos and videos captured with the iPhone X.

If you've been having issues with Live Photos, you probably want to install iOS 11.1.2 on your new iPhone.

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