How to Lower Your DirecTV Bill
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How to Lower Your DirecTV Bill



This is how I saved $43 on my DirecTV bill every month, totaling up to more than $500 in savings in a year without calling and threatening to leave. This change also cut my AT&T bill $30 a month, adding another $350 in savings per year.

You can use this same trick to lower your DirectTV bill in just a few minutes, without talking to someone on the phone or doing a bunch of research on the competition. If you hate talking on the phone to get a better deal, this is what you need to do.

We’ll also talk about how you can get bigger discounts if you are willing to call and ask for a better deal.

How I Saved $43 a Month on DirecTV

Save on DirecTV in minutes with this trick.

Save on DirecTV in minutes with this trick. Jonathan Weiss /

The biggest catch to this huge DirecTV deal is that you need to be an AT&T cell phone customer for all the savings to work. If you use another carrier, you may want to see how they stack up, or you can jump to the next section.

If you choose the new AT&T Unlimited Plus you save $25 a month on your DirecTV bill and you also get free HBO, which is a $17.99 value and perfect for the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 7 kickoff.

When you link your AT&T and DirecTV accounts, you are eligible for savings on DirecTV. This is like bundling you might do on Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and other services.

Unlike some bundles, you don’t need to have AT&T internet at home to make this deal work. That’s great since AT&T Internet at my address is incredibly slow compared to what I can get with cable.

You need to link your AT&T and DirecTV accounts together on the AT&T website. Use this guide to start the combined billing and account linking process.

Once you do this, you need to sign up for AT&T Unlimited Plus on the AT&T section of the website. This plan starts at $90 a month for one line, but it was cheaper than I was paying on AT&T for an older plan. I was paying $119 a month for one line on AT&T. Now I am paying $90 a month.

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In total, by switching my plans I cut my bills by a total of $72 a month. That’s almost $900 a year in savings by linking my two accounts and switching to a better plan.

This was all done by choosing an AT&T plan that better fits my usage, and actually, gives me more data and linking my accounts. I still get all the same DirecTV channels and bonuses as before.

How to Lower Your DirecTV Bill More

This is how to lower your DirecTV bill. Leonard Zhukovsky /

This is how to lower your DirecTV bill. Leonard Zhukovsky /

In addition to linking your accounts, you can save more on your DirecTV bill by calling and asking for a discount. Many people think you need to threaten to leave DirecTV to get a better deal, but if you simply call and ask for a better deal they will more than often help you out.

Call up DirecTV and talk to the rep nicely. Use their name when you talk to them and say you need to save money on your bill.

If they ask, tell them you really want to keep your current plan. Many times they will be able to offer you a promo of $10 or more a month off your DirecTV bill without taking any channels or features away. You may also be able to get several months of a premium channel like Showtime or Starz or free.

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