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iOS 8.1.3 on iPod Touch 5th Gen: Impressions & Performance



The new iOS 8.1.3 update makes it easier to upgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 8 and fixes several small issues with iOS 8. We spent several hours using the new iOS 8.1.3 update on the iPod touch 5th generation to see how the iPod touch handles this update. Apple still sells this same iPod touch, but inside it is still running older hardware that may not handle the latest software as well as an iPhone 6 Plus.

In our early iOS 8.1.3 review for the iPod touch 5th gen we will explore the performance of this small, but important update on the iPod touch and help you decide if you should install iOS 8.1.3 or wait.

Overall our experience using iOS 8.1.3 on the iPod touch is positive, but it is not as fast as on newer devices with more power.

read our early iOS 8.1.3 review on the iPod touch 5th generation.

read our early iOS 8.1.3 review on the iPod touch 5th generation.

I routinely use the iPod touch to listen to podcasts, watch an occasional video and do light web browsing, even though my main devices are the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6. The iPod touch is not as fast as these devices, but it is still very usable.

Here is an early iOS 8.1.3 review on the iPod touch 5th generation to help you decide if it is worth installing the update on your iPod touch.

iOS 8.1.3 Installation

The iOS 8.1.3 installation went smoothly on the iPod touch 5th generation. The download took about 15 to 20 minutes and the installation another 5-10 minutes.

After rebooting I had to cancel two app installations that had started, but not finished before the update, but this was a minor issue to deal with.

All other apps remained in place and logged in to their respective services.

iOS 8.1.3 on iPod touch 5th gen Performance

As you read my early iOS 8.1.3 review on the iPod touch 5th generation keep in mind that we likely use our devices in different ways. Expect similar experiences to what I am sharing, but know that apps, accessories and home networks can alter the overall iOS 8.1.3 performance on individual devices.


This iPod touch is not one I use for gaming very much, as I prefer to use bigger screens for that. This is a small device I carry to listen to podcasts, occasionally watch Netflix, browse the web and use for Google Hangouts.

All of these apps and services work fine on iOS 8.1.3 for the iPod touch. The stock apps also work as expected.

iOS 8.1.3 Battery Life

There is no immediate drain on iOS 8.1.3 battery life on the iPod touch 5th generation. This is a good sign as any fast draining would indicate a problem with the update. I will monitor this closely over the next week.

Although we don't use it for gaming we are pleased with the overall performance of iOS 8.1.3 on this device.

Although we don’t use it for gaming we are pleased with the overall performance of iOS 8.1.3 on this device.

WiFi & Bluetooth

WiFi and Bluetooth are incredibly important on the iPod touch 5th generation as they keep me connected to the Internet for downloading podcasts and listening to music as well as connecting Bluetooth headphones to the device. Both work great after the update, but I will check them on multiple networks over the next week.

Bugs & Issues

At this point there are no major iOS 8.1.3 update bugs or issues present on this device. That is good news considering the overall age of the iPod touch. Small bugs may take time to appear, so I will watch the performance and any odd behavior.


The iPod touch is not as fast as the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, but it is not incredibly slow. There is still some lag when switching apps or opening an app for the first time, but it is not bad enough to prohibit using the iPod touch and is better than we experienced when using an iPad 2 on iOS 8.

Should You Install iOS iOS 8.1.3?

Overall the iOS 8.1.3 iPod touch performance is good.

Overall the iOS 8.1.3 iPod touch performance is good.

If you are still on iOS 7, you may not want to use the iOS 8.1.3 update as your first upgrade, since there is no way to go back to iOS 7 after the upgrade. There is also no iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak, so users on iOS 8.1.2 who rely on jailbreak tweaks should avoid the update.

That said, the overall iOS 8.1.3 update performance is very good for an older device and there are no apparent problems that require a heavy warning against an upgrade. We’ll share a full review in about a week that will include more details about the performance on the iPod touch 5th generation.

What’s New in iOS 8

iOS 8 vs iOS 7 Walkthrough - Home Screen

iOS 8 vs iOS 7 Walkthrough - Home Screen

We start our iOS 8 vs iOS 7 walkthrough with the iPhone home screen, which is where you'll start your iOS 8 experience after an update this fall. 

These screens are incredibly important as you see them anytime you turn on the iPhone or need to choose an app to launch. There is no way around using them, so Apple needs to make sure they work just right. 

As you can see in the iOS 8 vs iOS 7 comparison above, there is no change between the home screen in the new iPhone software. Apple changed the status bar and some other small visual changes in iOS 7, but there are no updates for iOS 8.  

We could see Apple change the home screen slightly for iOS 8 for the iPhone 6. The new iPhone will feature a larger 4.7-inch display with a higher resolution. This is something Apple may use to add more icons to the screen. Or they could stick with the current layout, it's tough to tell.  



  1. greentea37

    02/01/2015 at 9:53 pm

    Hi, I just updated ios 8.1.3 yesterday w/o backing up to itune or icloud.
    I have to now reset to factory settings and lose my 3 years worth of invaluable photos!!
    Anyone know of any tested method to retrieve photos from iphone 4S after factory reset?

    • V

      12/11/2015 at 11:55 am

      You’re an idiot!

  2. Lisa

    04/21/2015 at 3:21 am

    Ever since I installed the update, my iPod Touch 5 reboots everytime my apps try to update. I am very angered by this as it leaves me without the ability to use my iPod for long periods of time.

    A friend of mine told me her daughter’s iPod Touch 4 was doing the same thing.

    I called Apple and tech support told me I would have to do a factory restore! That makes me even more angry since the issue is their fault!

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