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Is Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Worth It?



Your Surface Pro didn’t come cheap and if you break it, your next one won’t either. If that has you wondering if Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro is worth buying, you certainly aren’t alone.

Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro is an insurance policy on your new Windows 10 PC. If you ever drop your device or spill water on it, you get a replacement. Those are two really good reasons to buy it.

On the other hand, there are reasons to not get it. If you buy this Surface Pro warranty, you’re handing over even more money for an already expensive PC on the off-chance you might break it. Go the entire length of your two-year coverage without a claim and you’ve spent $149 on something you never used. That’s money you could have spent on the best Surface Pens or the best Surface Pro cases.

Also, Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro won’t keep you from spending any money on a broken device at all. Expect to pay a deductible to take care of any accidental damage.

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Is Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro worth the $149 it costs? Let’s figure that out now.

Is Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Worth It?

  • What is Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro?
  • What Does Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Cover?
  • Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Price
  • How to Buy Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro
  • Is Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Worth It?

What is Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro?

Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro is insurance for your new device. Like all insurance, when you buy Microsoft Complete, you’re paying for peace-of-mind.

With this plan, your device is insured against damage that can happen as you go about your day. Spill water on your Surface Pro and the plan will cover the cost of a replacement. Shatter the display and your Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro plan covers that too.

The insurance plan also extends your device’s limited hardware warranty. If something inside the tablet breaks or stops working – like a speaker or a volume button – you get a replacement.

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Microsoft Complete is also a good purchase if you’re new to Windows 10 or think you need software support. You can call, message or visit Microsoft’s Answer Desk for help with Windows 10 or your new device. This support is free.

What Does Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Cover?

Also like other insurance policies, understanding Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro’s coverages is essential.

First, there’s the extended hardware coverage. Your Surface Pro’s factory warranty covers device defects for the first year you own it. Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro extends that coverage for up to two years. If your Surface Pro’s kickstand breaks or its speakers stop working, Microsoft will repair it at one of its repair centers. If your device needs a repair that would have already been covered by its basic warranty, Microsoft doesn’t count that against your service plan.

If Microsoft must fix your device for the same hardware defect three times, it will replace it instead of repairing it a fourth time. Microsoft calls this the No Lemon Guarantee.

The accidental coverage is the reason most people wonder if Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro is worth buying in the first place. The plan covers shattered screens, though Microsoft says it typically sends users a replacement instead of repairing their device. As long as you are using the included power adapter, you get a replacement if a power surge ruins your device too. Water spills are also covered.

All accidental coverage requires a $49.99 deductible.

There are coverage limits to keep in mind. You only get three repairs before Microsoft replaces your device and ends your Microsoft Complete service plan. “Up to three (3) Repairs to the original Covered Product with Covered Claim; which cumulatively, shall not exceed the Product Purchase Price. ONCE THIS LIMIT IS REACHED, COVERAGE UNDER THE PLAN WILL END; REGARDLESS OF ANY REMAINING TIME UNDER THE CURRENT CONTRACT TERM,” the plan’s US online contract says.

According to the same contract, Microsoft also ends the plan if you have your device replaced twice.

As long as you don’t hit these two coverage limits, the remaining time on your Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro coverage transfers to any replacement model the company sends you.

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The list of things Microsoft Complete doesn’t cover is extensive. Microsoft won’t replace your device if it gets a virus. It won’t replace a device that’s been submerged in water and you won’t get a new Surface Pro due to overheating. The plan doesn’t cover screen burn-in either. Screen burn-in happens when the same image stays on your device’s display for too long.

Don’t use this Surface Pro warranty as an excuse to not keep your device safe. You won’t get a replacement if your device warps or if someone steals it.

Finally, Microsoft Complete doesn’t cover weather and damage due to dangerous events. So, if a fire damages your Surface Pro, you must pay for another yourself. Damage from lightning, dirt, rain, sand or snow isn’t covered.

Whatever is wrong with your device, know that on-site service isn’t available with Microsoft Complete. No one will come to your home to fix your Surface Pro. You must take it to a Microsoft repair center or ship it to a servicing center. Microsoft will cover your shipping costs.

You are responsible for replacing your Surface Type Cover, Surface Pen, Surface Mouse and any other Surface accessory you have, even with this Surface Pro warranty.

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Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Price

Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro costs $149 for the 2017 Surface Pro.

Remember that’s not the full price. Anything that’s covered under accidental protection requires a deductible of $49. Be sure to take that deductible into account as you decide whether to buy it or not.

How to Buy Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro

You can’t get Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro from anywhere else besides the Microsoft Store. Other retailers have warranties, but they aren’t Microsoft Complete.

The Microsoft Store website and retail stores offer the service plan with your purchase. Just tell the store clerk you’d like to add a warranty or use the Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro store page to add it to your online purchase.

If you purchased your Surface Pro from the Microsoft Store or another retailer already, you have 45 days to buy the service plan at the closest Microsoft Store. Bring your receipt and expect Microsoft’s employees to inspect the device for any existing damage.

Is Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro Worth It?

Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro is absolutely worth investing in, even if you may never need it.

If you’ve dropped your smartphone or tablet before, you know how badly a broken device can ruin your routine and impact your savings. This Surface Pro warranty saves you money. The plan and the deductible cost you $198 if you crack your screen. Compare that to Microsoft’s out-of-warranty charges. A 2017 Surface Pro will cost you $450 to replace without Microsoft Complete, according to Microsoft Support. That’s $252 more before taxes and fees.

And don’t forget that you get support and insurance against hardware defects for up to two-years instead of the standard one-year warranty period with this plan.

If you have the money, spend it now so you can save it later.

2017 Surface Pro: 2 Reasons to Wait, 3 Reasons Not To

The 2017 Surface Pro is Ready for Work and Play

The 2017 Surface Pro is Ready for Work and Play

If you like the idea of having one PC as your laptop and tablet, buy now. The 2017 Surface Pro is the best implementation of that vision yet.

Inside, the 2017 Surface Pro and a laptop aren’t that different. Both have Intel processors that allow you to download apps from the Windows Store and install programs from the internet. Lock in the Surface Type Cover or connect a Bluetooth mouse and you’re ready to work with the same programs you always have.

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Remove the Type Cover and the 2017 Surface Pro switches into Tablet Mode. Everything in this mode is easier to navigate with your finger. Two loud front-facing speakers and a 12.3-inch 2736 x 1824 resolution display provide a solid video experience when you’re ready to stop working.

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1 Comment

  1. Robby

    07/01/2019 at 10:18 pm

    Hi, I purchased a used surface pro 4 not too long ago. Specs are 256ssd, i7, 16g ram. It was a good deal. But I noticed that the battery drains pretty quickly. So I took it to the Microsoft Store in downtown Portland. They checked it and the battery life was at 96%. They told me that the CPU is running more than normal, but since it is used one it’s normal wear. It is still covered with Microsoft Complete until November 2019. I asked them if they would replace my device with a new one, they said no. But I was wondering is it possible if it breaks(accidental drop) before November 2019, will they replace it with a new device(refurbished)? Of course with $49 deductible. I am not happy with the lifetime of this surface.

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