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7 Reasons to Wait for the LG G9 & 4 Reasons Not to



Wait For a Better Display

Wait For a Better Display

Let's be honest. LG makes some great TVs and some pretty good smartphone screens, but they're always a little behind Samsung. 

However, things might finally start to change here in 2020 if some of the recent leaks and previous rumors from last year come to fruition. 

LG's G phone always has a screen that's not as big but not as small as the Galaxy S series, putting it right in the middle for buyers. The Galaxy S11 will be massive, and even the LG G8x had a 6.4-inch screen. What I'm getting at is I think 2020 is the year LG finally offers a bigger, better, higher-resolution display. 

In fact, we believe buyers could get a massive 6.7-inch 4K screen, or a 6.7-inch 90-120 Hz display all with a fingerprint scanner underneath. Basically, putting LG's beautiful OLED screen on-par with whatever is coming from Samsung this year. If you've held off on LG phones because the screen wasn't as big as the competition, you'll finally have the choice of getting a big LG G9 in 2020. 

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