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7 Reasons to Wait for the LG G9 & 4 Reasons Not to



Don't Wait If You Need Something Now

Don't Wait If You Need Something Now

That all said, if you need a phone right now don't wait for the LG G9.

There are so many excellent options available already and we're not sure when LG's next phone is coming. Buy something now and consider trading it in for the G9 whenever it does arrive. Especially with all the trade-in deals carriers and manufacturers offer these days. 

A problem LG continues to give itself every year is they announce the LG G phone........ then release it like 2-3 months later. It's ridiculous, but they keep doing it. Google releases a phone 2-3 weeks after the announcement, Samsung does it within 10-14 days, and Apple usually drops them very quick too. 

So, when LG announces the LG G9 in February but doesn't release it until April or May, you'll be waiting way too long for a new phone. So, if you need something now just get the LG G8x, the LG V50, or better yet try the OnePlus 7T Pro. 

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