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7 Reasons to Wait for the LG G9 & 4 Reasons Not to



Wait For Dual Screens

Wait For Dual Screens

Next, we think you should wait for the LG G9 if you like the idea of folding phones and secondary screens. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is obviously expensive and fragile. Then, the upcoming Moto folding phone is super expensive too. 

In 2019 LG took a different approach and made the LG G8x. It's a regular phone with a case you can snap-on that adds a second screen that's nearly the same size and quality as the main screen. Basically giving you a giant tablet-like experience. There are several benefits to this approach vs folding devices. For one, you can take it off whenever you don't want or need it, leaving you with a regular thin phone for daily use. 

The add-on is also optional, durable, and somewhat affordable in the grand scheme of things. Obviously folding phones or second screens aren't for everyone, but we like that it'll probably be an option for the LG G9. 

The image you see here is the current LG G8x and its second-screen optional accessory. Neat, right?

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