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7 Reasons to Wait for the LG G9 & 4 Reasons Not to



Don't Wait If You're on a Budget

Don't Wait If You're on a Budget

Depending on where you look the LG V50 is over $900, or it was when it got released. And the LG G8 was pretty expensive in 2019 too, at least during the first few weeks. 

If you can't afford to spend $700-$900 or you're pushing your budget already, don't wait for the LG G9 in February or March. We say that because if it follows the trend we've seen the last few years, it'll be an expensive phone. LG does tend to undercut Samsung when it comes to pricing, so that's a plus, but don't bank on that happening with all of this new technology.

If LG adds a bigger screen, or a 4K display, no bezels, and throws a fingerprint scanner inside the screen along with 4-5 cameras, that'll be an expensive phone. However, the reports of a Snapdragon 765 means it could stay under $800, which is good news. 

Phones continue to get more and more expensive. That said, in 2019 both Samsung and Apple offered extremely expensive phones that not very many people purchased, and a budget model that people loved. So, maybe manufacturers are realizing they need to keep phones around $800 or less. That puts LG in a decent position, plus maybe we'll see an LG G9 ThinQ 5G and a regular affordable LG G9 Lite in 2020. 

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