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7 Reasons to Wait for the LG G9 & 4 Reasons Not to



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Don't Wait If You Find Something You Love

Don't Wait If You Find Something You Love

In closing, don't wait for the LG G9 if you see or find something else you absolutely love. LG has good phones and unique cameras with a wide view, but others do too. 

It's an exciting time right now, and several amazing phones are in the works and coming soon. Samsung's Galaxy S11 will apparently come in 3-4 different sizes and flavors, all with bigger screens, huge battery cells and faster charging. And we're hearing a capable new OnePlus 8 with 5G could arrive before the LG G9 and work on ALL carriers in the US. If so, you might want to buy it instead of waiting to see what LG does or doesn't have to offer. Heck, even the affordable Pixel 4a looks like a great alternative.

We're expecting some of the biggest visual and design changes this year, more than we've seen in years. So, get ready for the ride, save up some money, and prepare to buy a sweet new phone within the next 2-4 months

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