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13 Reasons You’ll Love the Galaxy S8



Samsung Bixby AI

Samsung Bixby AI

Similar to Siri, Google Assistant or even Alexa, is a brand new virtual assistant for the Galaxy S8 called "Bixby". And Samsung claims it's better than all of the above too. Or at least will be soon. 

Bixby works by just saying Hello Bixby and it fires up, just like talking to Google or Alexa. It can set alarms, get directions, play games, share trivia, set reminders and even take photos for you. One of the neatest aspect of Bixby is the magic camera option. Hit the camera button while inside the Bixby menu (after hitting the dedicated AI button on the left side) and the camera will fire up. 

Bixby can scan whatever image you're looking at and share information in an instant. Like directions, tell you about a bottle of wine and where to buy it, historical facts of a building and tons more we can't even start to explain. What's even better, is Samsung promises 3rd party app support. So genius minds all over the world can tap into Bixby and make it the most powerful virtual assistant on the planet. 

We'll believe it when we see it, but so far initial impressions are favorable. It will at least give Apple, Google and Amazon a run for their money. 

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