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13 Reasons You’ll Love the Galaxy S8



Galaxy S8 Always-On Display

Galaxy S8 Always-On Display

Similar to what we saw with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7, is the new and improved Always-On Display. It has more features than ever before, compatibility with 3rd party apps, support for images or backgrounds and much more. 

Studies show we wake up our phones over 150 times a day. Often just to check the time, date, or look at notification alerts. Waking that huge screen takes a ton of battery too. 

As a result Samsung has an Always-On Display feature. Using the power of the AMOLED screen the company lights up a very small portion in black and white (with some color, if you'd like) that's on 24/7. This shows the time, date, weather, battery life, incoming notifications and other things. It can even display your entire calendar and other things. 

This was one of my favorite features on the Galaxy S7 Edge, and has even more options in 2017. Samsung states that using the AOD screen feature for an entire 8-hour work day uses less than 5% of the battery. It's a viable tradeoff that many will love. 

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