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13 Reasons You’ll Love the Galaxy S8



Iris Scanner and More

Iris Scanner and More

In closing, we could go on and on about the Galaxy S8. Here's a list of 30 awesome features, too. 

Another key aspect of the Galaxy S8 that many will love will be the Iris Eye Scanner on the front by the camera. We saw this with the Galaxy Note 7, but it got recalled so no one was able to truly enjoy it. 

With the fingerprint scanner being moved to the back, some may not want to use it. You won't have to revert to using a pin or some old security method either. Simply pull the phone up and look at the front camera. The Iris scanner will scan your eyes an unlock, just like a James Bond gadget. It works in low light or darkness because it's an infrared eye sensor, and can even work with glasses. It's also far more secure than a fingerprint, actually. 

From a fingerprint scanner, doing more with Edge Apps, the Secure Folder feature, to turning down the display to only 1080p HD resolution for better battery life. Samsung really thought of everything and delivered a well-rounded phone. We'd also recommend checking out the new software, Game optimizations, caller ID blocking, and enjoy the new AKG-tuned headphones that come in the box. 

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