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13 Reasons You’ll Love the Galaxy S8



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You Might Hate the Rear Fingerprint

You Might Hate the Rear Fingerprint

Last but not least, we do have one complaint. That of course is the location of the fingerprint scanner. For the first time in seven years Samsung's Galaxy doesn't have a physical home button. Which means there's no front fingerprint scanner. It's a trade-off, as the huge screen with tiny bezels is amazing. But that meant putting the fingerprint scanner on back. 

Which would be find if it was placed where most smartphone manufacturers put it, under the camera in an easy to reach spot. Instead, Samsung put it to the right of the camera lens. This means you'll probably accidentally get fingerprints and smudges on the camera while trying to unlock it, not to mention it's quite a stretch on the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+. 

If there is anything you'll hate about the Galaxy S8, it's the location of the fingerprint scanner. Some might not enjoy the curved screen, although you get used to it very fast. Retraining your brain to use the back of the phone instead of a front key after 7 years of muscle memory, won't be as easy. 

Don't let that stop you though. This is still hands-down the best Galaxy smartphone to date, and potentially the best phone of 2017. Already. Buy it with confidence and pick it up come April 21st. 

14 / 14
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