GoPro Care: 5 Things to Know About the New GoPro Warranty

There is a new GoPro Warranty directly from GoPro that will help you get a new GoPro or fix your GoPro if you break it from a drop or accident. GoPro Care is a special GoPro warranty option that covers issues the one that comes with your camera doesn’t.

This is a new option to protect your GoPro from drops, water damage and other accidental damage.


If you are buying a GoPro in 2016, GoPro Care is something you should consider to protect your investment.

What you need to know about GoPro Care, a new GoPro warranty option.

What you need to know about GoPro Care, a new GoPro warranty option.

What is GoPro Care?

GoPro Care - GoPro Warranty Details - 1GoPro Care is a special GoPro warranty option that covers accidental damage and extends the manufacturer warranty to two years.


Every GoPro comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year GoPro warranty that covers manufacturer defects. This doesn’t cover accidental damage if you drop your camera or if it falls into water without a case on it.


That’s where GoPro Care comes into play with an extended warranty that covers accidents and delivers access to premium support and GoPro Consulting.

What does GoPro Care Cover?

GoPro Care is like AppleCare for your GoPro. It extends the coverage from manufacturer defects to two years, and it adds accidental coverage to your GoPro for two years.

The GoPro Care warranty covers your GoPro camera and mounts or accessories that you purchased within 60 days of buying this special GoPro Warranty.

It covers a broken GoPro from a drop, exposure to water or other damage. Although it is not specifically mentioned this should also cover accidents like running over the GoPro that fell off you car mount.


You need to have the GoPro in your possession to use GoPro Care, so if someone steals it or you drop it into the ocean and cannot recover it you are out of luck.

GoPro Care Bonuses

In addition to a better GoPro Care warranty, buying GoPro Care adds three more features that can help you get a replacement faster and better overall support.

GoPro Care includes Rapid Camera Replacement which means that they will send a replacement camera wherever you are — even if you are on vacation or on a shoot.

Premium Customer Support includes GoPro expert assistance that includes priority phone support, 24/7 chat and email support for camera and software problems.


You also get access to GoPro consulting that can help you learn GoPro editing tips and tricks, access to special insider blogs and best practices.

Can I Buy GoPro Care?

If your GoPro is older than 60 days, you are out of luck.

If your GoPro is older than 60 days, you are out of luck.


You can buy GoPro Care for the Hero 4 Black, Hero 4 Silver and Hero Session. If you’ve bought the GoPro within the last 60 days you can buy GoPro Care for your camera.

Unfortunately there is no way to buy this for your older camera. The time limitation is meant to stop users from buying it after an accident. Even if your year old GoPro is still working you cannot buy GoPro Care.

When you buy a new GoPro, then you can buy GoPro Care and activate it online.

How Much Does GoPro Care Cost?

GoPro Care - GoPro Warranty Details - 2The GoPro Care price varies depending on what camera you buy. The more expensive the camera is, the more you need to pay.

  • GoPro Hero4 Black GoPro Care – $99
  • GoPro Hero4 Silver GoPro Care – $79
  • GoPro Hero Session GoPro Care – $39

If you need to use GoPro Care for a manufacturer defect you don’t need to pay, but if there is accidental damage you need to pay a fee. You get two accidental damage claims per camera.

When you make an accidental damage claim, you need to pay a $79 claim service fee that is non refundable.

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