HTC Plays The Name Game, Nokia Gets Pwned


With HTC joining the Windows Phone fray, techies are busy weighing specs and features of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC against the Nokia Lumia 920. I have no idea why. If you were shopping for a Windows Phone, wouldn’t you automatically grab the one actually called “Windows Phone”?

The iPhone 5 I Would Have Released


So we finally got to see the iPhone 5 in its official, real-life glory, and it is everything we (reasonably) thought it would be. Exactly. With absolutely nothing else to it. Good enough for me, but let’s face it, “good enough” isn’t what people expect from Apple. If I was running the show, things would […]

Five Years Later and the iPhone is Almost an Adult

The original iPhone

Leaving a path of transformation, creation, and destruction in its wake, the iPhone launched five years ago, forever changing the computing landscape. Still, revolutionary as it has been, the iPhone’s life has barely begun.

Did Microsoft Look at OEM Designs Before Launching Surface?

Microsoft Surface tablet black

Sharing his industry insights at Forbes, Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy claims Microsoft’s OEM partners are “enraged” over the way Microsoft may have used their inside knowledge of OEM designs in designing their new Surface tablet.

Keyboards Don’t Sell Tablets


Attention everyone who thinks a keyboard is the key to beating the iPad: 2009 called. They want their thoroughly disproved idea that tablets need keyboards back.

Microsoft Threw All Their Friends Under The Bus

Windows Phone 8

Stunned. That’s the only word to describe my reaction this week after seeing Microsoft turn on all their hardware partners as they reboot their entire strategy. What’s truly ridiculous is it didn’t have to come to this.

Microsoft Could Win It All With Surface

Surface by Microsoft

With their big Surface tablet reveal, Microsoft has taken a sharp turn in their Windows strategy, putting the company in direct competition with their hardware partners. Here’s why it had to happen and how it might help not hurt relations.

Apple’s iPad Siri Images Hint at Taller iPhone


Being my usual thorough (read: OCD) self, I was examining Apple’s site for unannounced details on iOS 6 and noticed something odd. The Siri dialogue boxes in the iPad images are taller than the iPhone’s. Simple error or hint of what’s to come?

Two Things an Apple HDTV Set Needs


If Apple wants to get into the TV set business, the hardware needs to be great. No, not great. Superior to anything currently on the market, far beyond what most are predicting.

Why a Bigger (and Slower) iPhone Makes Sense


Lot of chatter recently about the next iPhone being bigger, specifically longer. I’m not quite buying it, but I do think a larger iPhone makes sense IF it’s targeting the right audience, and that’s not power users.