FCC Chairman Answers Critics with Tough Talk About Net Neutrality


Last week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set off a rather large firestorm on the Internet about the future of the Internet. When the Wall Street Journal reported that the FCC was going to submit new draft rules changes to the Open Internet Order, that report was interrupted by many to be the first step […]

Office for iPad Update Adds Printing and More


Surprisingly, that didn’t take long. Microsoft released the long awaited Office for iPad Apps not much more than a month ago. Today it is out with an update for the iPad versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, that among other things, gives users the ability to print documents. If you have been following the story […]

Netflix Signs a Comcast Like Deal with Verizon


Some heads are probably spinning among the streaming video market watchers, but at least Verizon broadband customers will probably experience less buffering when it comes to watching Netflix in the future. In what was a somewhat expected move, Netflix and Verizon announced an agreement today wherein Netflix will pay Verizon for direct access through Verizon’s […]

Latest IE Security Flaw is a Dangerous One for all Versions


Security flaws and vulnerabilities are more than a fact of life. It’s almost like road construction. In the same way you know you’re going to hit road construction somewhere on any trip, you sort of know you’re going to be dealing with some sort of security issue during your journey through the Internet. Inconvenient is […]

Amazon Prime Data A New Way of Selling Smartphones?


Amazon is all over the news lately with all sorts of new products and services. One bit of news that is catching the eye of many a mobile geek is word that Amazon is planning to announce its own smartphone this summer aiming for a fall release. The Boy Genius Report (BGR) has been breaking […]

Netflix and Comcast Keep Bashing Each Other, You’ll Pay the Price


The gloves are off and a battle is raging between Comcast and Netflix. Both traded blows in corporate blog posts today making highly charged statements essentially calling each other liars. To say that the corporate-speak gloves are off is not only an understatement it is a colossal one. If words were swords, Comcast and Netflix […]

FCC Tries to Calm Concerns Over Open Internet Rule Changes


Yesterday the Wall St. Journal issued a disturbing report that the FCC was going to propose new rule changes to the Open Internet Order in the wake of a stunning court defeat for the FCC the first time around. To say that WSJ report caused a firestorm to erupt on the Internet would be a […]

Apple Files Patent to Lock Down Your Phone While You Are Driving


When my father, who taught defensive driving for the US Post Office, was teaching my siblings and I to drive he constantly repeated a mantra: “There are two kinds of drivers. Those who sit behind the steering wheel and think they are the center of universe, and those who understand they are a only one […]

FCC Proposal Tucks Head Up Butt and Kisses Your Net Neutrality Goodbye


Capitulation. Surrender. Submission. Pick your synonym for cowardly action and pin it on the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Today came word that new draft Open Internet Rules will be submitted for review and a vote by the FCC commissioners. Coming after its last feeble and ill conceived attempt was shot down unceremoniously in Federal Court […]

Amazon To Bring HBO Content to Instant Video


Amazon is making some big news in streaming video news this morning. Amazon announced that it has struck a deals with HBO to bring some that network’s older programming to Prime Instant Video, making it available for streaming. Those looking for newer HBO programming like Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley won’t find it included […]

Apple Patches Serious Security Flaws for iOS, OS X and Airport Extreme


Apple flipped the update switch for a number of its products Tuesday including iOS, OS X, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, and for the Airport Extreme. As the downloads commenced and users looked to change logs, it was discovered that the security components included in the updates for iOS, OS X and the Airport Extreme all […]

Apple’s Latest iPhone 5S Commercial Goes Gigantic


Apple has released a new iPhone 5S commercial tonight that is beaming across TV sets around the US during tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield. Called “Powerful” and using the song Gigantic from the Pixies, the ad ends with the tag line “You’re more powerful than you think.” Before you get to that tag line, […]

Apple Opens OS X Beta Program to All Comers


The history of Apple involves secrets and closed doors. Unless you’re a developer sworn to secrecy you don’t get access to betas of Apple’s operating systems. The last time that happened was back in 2000, and users had to pay to get access. That changed today. Apple has thrown open the gates and will be […]

Apple Makes In-App Purchases Easier to See with iOS 7.1.1


In a move that makes so much sense, Apple has made it easier to determine which Apps feature in-app purchases in some places in the App Store. The move came with the release today of iOS 7.1.1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch lineup of Apple devices. In-app purchases are a valid business model […]

Aereo Gets Its Hearing at US Supreme Court


One of the themes that keeps surfacing in today’s age of technological disruption is how and from whom we receive our entertainment. Netflix battling Comcast is one of the latest in that string of stories. To put it bluntly, older entrenched interests don’t like newer methods of delivering content to consumers for a lower price. […]

Apple Leads the Tech Pack in Earth Day PR


Earth Day 2014 is here and with it are activities and promotions to highlight the benefits and necessity of doing what we can to protect the planet we live on. Communities and companies around the globe are making special efforts to help clean up our environment and bring focus to efforts we and they can […]

Mailbox 2.0 for iOS Brings Auto-Swipe to Clean Up Your Inbox


Sometimes constant complaints turn into secular litanies. There’s no louder litany these days than the cursing and swearing of those who can’t cope with the stress of overflowing email inboxes. Inbox Zero has turned into one of the unholiest of holy grails for those seeking some peace and tranquility from the ever flowing overflow of […]

Netflix and Comcast Throw Stones and Consumers Get Bruised


Streaming media, like its predecessors broadcast and cable television, is big business as we all know. Its such a big business that any move by any company is eagerly watched by consumers, their watchdogs, and theoretically regulators. When head to head corporate combat breaks out in the open between the companies that control the content […]

Apple Maps and the Loch Ness Monster: Fish Tales?


How big was the one that got away? Well, depending on the story teller it could have been a whopper. Fish tales have always been entertaining. But in today’s Internet age when our eyes don’t believe everything we see, even the most modest of fish tales needs a photo to be accepted. And any photo […]