13 Best Xbox One Accessories in 2017

The Xbox One is a great console with many great titles for you to play. Just be sure that you pick up one or more of the best Xbox One accessories to complete your gaming and entertainment experience. With them, you might appreciate all the features your new device offers even more than you already do.


Xbox One S bundles don’t come with everything that you need. The free trial of Xbox Live Gold includes with every console it sells only lasts for two weeks. After it expires, you lose access to online multiplayer, cloud storage for your Xbox One video clips and discounts that people who don’t have an Xbox Live Gold account can’t get. Xbox Game Pass, the video game rental service that Microsoft includes a code for in new bundles, only lasts for a month. After that, you lose access to any of its games.

Any best Xbox One accessories list has more than just subscriptions though. Microsoft includes a single Xbox One Controller with every console. If your house has more than just one gamer, you need a second one for two people to play at the same time. Also, count on buying two batteries packs because Xbox One Controllers take AA batteries. There are media remotes that make watching Netflix convenient for the entire family, and an Xbox Live ChatPad that allows gamers to send longer messages over Xbox Live without keeping a smartphone nearby.

Here are the 13 best Xbox One accessories you need to complete your gaming experience.

Best Xbox One Accessories

  1. Kinect for Xbox One
  2. Xbox Live Gold
  3. Xbox Wireless Adapter
  4. PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One
  5. Hauppauge TV Tuner for Xbox One
  6. Xbox One ChatPad
  7. PDP Energizer Magnetic Play and Chart Kit
  8. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller
  9. Xbox One Design Lab Controller
  10. PDP Faceoff Controller
  11. Kinect for Xbox One & Windows Adapter
  12. Xbox One S Vertical Stand
  13. Seagate Game Drive

Kinect for Xbox One - $99.99

Kinect for Xbox One - $99.99

The Kinect sensor isn't as big a focus for Xbox as it was at the console’s launch. That being said, it’s still a very useful Xbox One accessory. With a Kinect sensor, you can navigate your console with a voice command. You can also ask Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant to send messages, set reminders and record clips of your games. On top of these things, it’s still a great way to video chat with people over Skype and turn on your Xbox.

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A Kinect for Xbox One sensor costs $99. If you have an Xbox One S, be sure to also purchase the Kinect for Windows adapter. That console doesn’t have a built-in port for Kinect.

 Buy a Kinect for Xbox One from the Microsoft Store 

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