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6 Assassin’s Creed Origins Tips to Level Up Faster



You need these Assassin’s Creed Origins tips to level up faster the moment you finish downloading and installing your copy of the new Xbox One, PS4 and PC game.

These Assassin’s Creed Origins tips are essential because Origins is just as much a role-playing title as it is an adventure game at this point. Origins has a sprawling world that’s full of new things to do and new enemies to take on. The higher your level, the better you will perform in fights with the wildlife, soldiers and citizens of Egypt. All your assassin’s best abilities are locked to a skill tree. To get those abilities, you need to keep building your character’s level. If your level isn’t high enough, there are places you shouldn’t even go.

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Here are some Assassin’s Creed Origins tips to level up faster. Use these to blow past the game’s early levels and get Bayek, the game’s title character, the abilities and gear he needs.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Tips to Level Up Faster

  • Do Every Side Mission You Can & Unlock Travel Points Quickly
  • Smash Every Statue of the King You See
  • Hunt for the Best Weapons
  • Get the Dawn & Dusk Skill as Soon as You Can
  • Kill Efficiently
  • Explore Every Camp for Maximum XP

Do Every Side Mission You Can & Unlock Travel Points Quickly

Every Assassin’s Creed game has side missions, but Assassin’s Creed Origins’ leveling system makes them essential. There are stretches in the story that require you to be at a higher-level to get them done, even though the last story mission you completed required a much lower character level.

There’s only one way to remedy this. If you see a side mission that you are equipped to complete, do it quickly. The more of these side missions you complete between story missions, the easier the next story mission will become.

As you explore the game world, be sure to unlock travel points in the game. You must travel to different locations in Egypt during some side missions and travel points are the quickest way to do that.

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Smash Every Statue of the King You See

This is one of the simplest Assassin’s Creed Origins tips for leveling up there is this: every time you see a statue of the king, destroy it to get a 150 XP. It’s not much, but every little boost in XP helps you get to the next level faster.

Look for the Hidden Tombs

Egypt is full of hidden tombs. Infiltrate these tombs to build your XP outside of the game’s combat.

Hunt for the Best Weapons

The better your weapons, the easier it is to earn more XP for killing your more powerful enemies. Papyrus puzzles unlock great gear. You also get great weapons for completing side missions, raiding camps and opening treasure boxes scattered across the game area.

Get the Dawn & Dusk Skill as Soon as You Can

The powers that rule Egypt in Assassin’s Creed Origins use fortresses to hold on to their power. You get XP for infiltrating these places, which is why you should do them as soon as you can. Get the Dawn and Dusk Skill as soon as you can to make this easier.

The Dawn and Dusk Skill allows Bayek, your character, to manipulate day and night. Fortresses are well armed during the day but they’re understaffed at night. Many soldiers tend to sleep rather than man their post, too. This allows you to sneak in and deal with them easily.

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Kill Efficiently

If you remember just one of these Assassin’s Creed Origins tips, let it be this one. No matter how well-armed you are, kill with efficiency. The more you do this, the faster you will level up.

Origins’ combat forces you to think about how best to kill your enemies. The faster you kill them, the faster that XP starts to pile up. So, instead of loudly knifing an enemy in daylight and in front of everyone, sneak up behind him and assassinate him. Don’t run at an enemy and let him see you, stand in the shadows and use one of your weapons to put an end to him quickly. Also, pay attention to the amount of damage your weapon does. Always go for whatever attack will put down an enemy quickly and quietly.

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Explore Every Camp for Maximum XP

You will discover camps all around Egypt in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Fully explore every one of these camps for XP bonuses. Stay around these areas to discover new crafting materials and treasure boxes that can also help you level up faster before your next story or side mission.

6 Exciting Assassin’s Creed Origins Features

HDR & 4K Visuals on Xbox One X

Two technologies, HDR and 4K, are growing popular with gamers, and you can buy Assassin’s Creed Origins knowing that it will support both.

HDR is short for High-Dynamic Range. It’s a contrast standard for televisions that gets you brighter colors and deeper blacks. The Xbox One S and Xbox One X support HDR games.

4K is shorthand for 4K Ultra HD. Games that support 4K are four times as sharp as high-definition games. You will see more texture and detail in every building, animal and enemy when playing Assassin’s Creed Origins on the Xbox One X and a 4K TV.

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