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20 Best Google Pixel 2 XL Cases



Bellroy Leather Pixel 2 XL Case

Bellroy Leather Pixel 2 XL Case

I'm a sucker for leather cases. There's a certain level of style, looks, and sophistication that comes with leather. And not PU leather, but real genuine leather. 

Google partnered with a company called Bellroy to offer four beautiful hand-crafted leather cases for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. 

These cases have a soft TPU inner shell, and the entire outside is wrapped in real leather. Then, the inside is lined with microfiber to keep the phone safe. Color options are Black, Brown, Navy Blue and a light Carmel color. They all look great, feel even better, and give you protection with style at the same time. They're a bit expensive, though. 

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Buy it Now from Google for $45