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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date, Details + Is it Safe for Kids



The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date is this Friday, bringing you a Harry Potter game that offers a similar style of gameplay as Pokémon Go, but with a wizarding twist. This is what you need to know about the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date, gameplay, features and other information about this new mobile game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date

What you need to know about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

What you need to know about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date is Friday June 21st in the US and the UK. The game launched in beta in Australia and New Zealand already, and is now expanding into more countries.

If you are waiting to play Wizards Unite in Japan or another country you may need to wait for a while. It took a long time for Pokémon Go to reach worldwide availability.

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What is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality game where you must keep the wizarding world secret from the muggles. You must go into the real world around you and play with characters from the Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts movies to keep the secret safe.

You’ll discover Foundables in the world around you. These are artefacts, creatures, people and memories scattered throughout the muggle world. You need to collect these items, by helping someone or defeating a creature with magic and then return them to the Foundables safe for rewards that you can see in the Registry in the app.

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Some of the things that you find in the game will be more likely to show up near specific real world locations. When you start playing look for parks, banks, municipal buildings, college campuses, libraries, monuments, zoos, art galleries to find rarer Foundables.

There are also Fortresses throughout the world, and you will need to use your combat skills to cast spells and win matches. This is similar to how the Pokémon Go Gyms work.

Is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Safe For Kids to Play?

Is Wizards Unite Safe for kids?

Is Wizards Unite Safe for kids?

If you are comfortable with your kid experiencing the Harry Potter universe, this game is going to be right in your comfort zone. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is rated 10+ for fantasy violence.

It’s not in your face violence, so you can expect similar to the duels and fights in Harry Potter movies. The game doesn’t appear to feature ads, but there are in app purchases.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite In App Purchases

There are a lot of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in app purchases, with one that is $169.99. You’ll want to talk to your kids about in app purchases and you may want to disable them. Here are the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite microtransactions from $1.69 to $169.99.

  • Handful of Gold – $1.69
  • Pocketful of Gold – $8.99
  • Handful of Gold – $1.69
  • Pile of Gold – $16.99
  • Trunk of Gold – $34.99
  • Chest of Gold – $89.99
  • Vault of Gold – $169.99
  • Anti-Calamity Bundle – $8.99
  • Advanced Anti-Calamity Bundle – $34.99

Use this guide to turn off in app purchases on the iPhone and Android. And this guide will help you turn them off on Android devices. Both will put the purchase behind a password, so you can still authorize some purchases.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Videos

The official video above shows some of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gameplay, and the videos below will help you understand better how the game works and plays.

Expect to see more Harry Potter: Wizards Unite videos appear in the near future.

11 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Facts and Features You Need to Know

Wizard Customization

Wizard Customization

When you start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you will need to join the Ministry and that means you need a Ministry ID. 

You can take a selfie in the game and apply filters and Snapchat Style face filters to add hats, glasses and other items as you play. 

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This is all inside the game and the profile you create is added to your Ministry ID. 

You should be able to change this pretty regularly since you will unlock new filters as you progress. 

Of course you could just buy a bunch of Harry Potter gear and look like the most Wizardly Wizard without a filter. 

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