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Is Origin Access Premier Worth It?



Is Origin Access Premier worth it? This is the newest level of EA’s early access service called Origin Access. It’s only available on PC, and it’s $14.99 a month. We’ll help you decide if Origin Access Premier is worth buying.

With the new Premier level of the service you get full access to the latest EA games on PC. You get the full games with no waiting period, and you also get to play early with limited time trials. This is on top of access to the back catalog of the game.

Why Origin Access Premier is Worth It

Why Origin Access Premier is worth buying.

Why Origin Access Premier is worth buying.

For PC gamers that plan to buy and play two of the new EA games a year, Origin Access Premier is worth buying. That is as long as you don’t need the special edition of the game, and you will play more than the 10 hour trial available on the lower tier of the service.

Origin Access Premier is $99 a year, or $14.99 a month. If you like it, definitely go with the annual plan since it saves you  $80 a year.

For $99 you get the full versions of;

That’s $240 worth of games. You get these on the day that they are released. There is no waiting and there is no catch. You also get early access to these games with Play First Trials.

You also get access to the Vault of games that includes;

  • The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition with Dine Out and Kids Room Stuff
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • FIFA 18
  • A Way Out
  • Unravel Two
  • Fe
  • And others

While you may not want to play all of the games in this library, it is a great way to add to your catalog of games.

Why Origin Access Premier Isn’t Worth Paying For

For many gamers this is a tremendous value. There are a few catches that may make it not worth the price, but it all depends on how you play games and what you do after you beat them.

If you love collectibles and you constantly buy the higher end versions of video games, you may not like Origin Access Premier. You only get the base version of the game with this subscription.

You can, however, buy DLC at 10% off through EA as a member. This means you can often upgrade the base edition to the special edition for 10% off of the $20 to $30 price difference. This unlocks in game content, but you will miss out on any special collectible items for the real world.

Another catch is that if you stop subscribing, you can no longer play the games. That’s not a huge deal if you don’t go back and play games long after they come out, or if you subscribe for a long period, but it is a concern for some.

Should I Buy Origin Access Premier?

Ultimately you’ll need to look at how you play games. For many gamers this is a tremendous value, with savings even if you only play two of the available games a year.

Even if you factor in buying the extra DLC to get the special edition of the game, you’ll still end up saving if you would buy three games.

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Once you factor in the rest of the catalog, the savings increase. For gamers who don’t need the full version of new games right away, Origin Access is $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year and it offers full versions of the Vault games and 10 hour trials of new games.

If you play EA games on PC, you should consider subscribing to one of these services as they offer a great value for many gamers.

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