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NBA 2K18 Release Date, Features & Details

The NBA 2K18 release date has basketball fans hyped. The new game in the series will be the definitive way for fans to take control of their favorite franchises and players on the Xbox One and PS4.

New releases in this franchise are a huge deal. MyCareer lures fans again and again with its simulation of what it takes to maintain a career in the NBA. MyGM and franchise customization in NBA 2K17 let players dive into the business and logistics that go on behind the scenes. All these features could have updates in this new game.

NBA 2K18 is coming to Nintendo Switch.

2K Sports has confirmed the NBA 2K18 release. Here’s everything else that we know about this year’s release of the basketball simulation for video game consoles, smartphones and tablets.

NBA 2K18 Release Date, Features & Details

  • NBA 2K18 Release Date
  • NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Weekend
  • New NBA 2K18 Features
  • NBA 2K18 Xbox 360 and PS3
  • NBA 2K18 Deals
  • NBA 2K18 Pre-Orders
  • NBA 2K18 Gameplay & Screenshots

NBA 2K18 Release Date

The NBA 2K18 release date is September 19th, 2K Sports confirmed recently. Gamers across all consoles will get the title on the same day. An aligned launch date is great for everyone. The entire community can trade tips on how to master new features and get the best cards in MyTeam, no matter which version they buy.

How the game’s launch on the iPhone and Android will go hasn’t been revealed. NBA 2K17 for iPhone arrived a little earlier than the console versions of the game did last year. The cover star of NBA 2K18 for mobile devices wasn’t revealed at the same time 2K Games confirmed Shaq as the cover star for the console versions.

NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Weekend

NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Weekend starts September 15th. That’s a total of four days for dedicated fans to get in the game and try its new features before other buyers. The game is completely unlocked for Early Tip-Off Weekend. Gamers won’t suddenly find themselves unable to continue their progress in MyCareer until after the game launches, for example. That’s something that did happen with last year’s NBA 2K17 Prelude trial.

New NBA 2K18 Features

It’s hard to pin down what features will make their way into the NBA 2K18 release. New games in the franchise have had a new MyCareer single player and a smattering of great updates to existing single player and multiplayer modes.

The key to figuring out what the major upgrades are is who gets the production credit. In the past, production credit has gone to culture figures that make a big contribution to the game’s soundtrack or MyCareer. Aaron Covington wrote NBA 2K17’s MyCareer story. That’s why his name is featured prominently on the cover. Artists Jay-Z and Pharrell made musical and design contributions to other versions of the game. The editions they received production credit for focused on new soundtracks and throwbacks to basketball culture. They had basketball shoes and all-star soundtracks.

NBA 2K17 had MyLeague and MyGM Team Expansions.

NBA 2K18 for Xbox 360 and PS3 & More

Nintendo announced NBA 2K18 for the Switch console already. That release will include MyCareer and other must-have features, according to Nintendo.com. We’re unsure of what other features the game will have because the console has less processing power than the Xbox One and PS4. Less power could force Visual Concepts to leave out some features.

NBA 2K games have been available on Xbox One and PS4 since those consoles launched. It’s almost a certainty that NBA 2K18 will support more colors and better visuals. NBA 2K17 was one of the first games to support enhanced color contrast on the Xbox One S. Also, both Microsoft and Sony will spend 2017 touting visual updates made possible by their new systems. The PlayStation 4 Pro offers enhanced graphics for some games already. Xbox Scorpio will make visual upgrades possible for Microsoft users. Visual Concepts will want to take advantage of all this new hardware.

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Owners of older consoles do have something to look forward to. Xbox 360 and PS3 will get their own versions of the game. Because we don’t know what features are getting updated, it’s hard to say whether investing in these versions is a smart move. Some sports games have begun to only add new major features to their Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC versions.

Deals and Trade-In Offers for NBA 2K18

Is Amazon Prime worth it? Here's what you need to know. Julie Clopper / Shutterstock.com
Julie Clopper / Shutterstock.com

NBA 2K18 deals are definitely coming. Amazon Prime and Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked subscribers should get a discount on the game before launch. Those services offer 20% off any new titles. Members have to buy a physical copy to save. GameStop boosts trade-in values on older titles when gamers purchase something new. More NBA 2K18 deals could arrive this August.

NBA 2K18 Pre-Orders

Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop have all opened up NBA 2K18 pre-orders. Buying the game now won’t get you in any earlier. It does guarantee you access to the game’s Early Tip-Off Weekend. You’ll also get the free items that come with each version.

NBA 2K18 Standard Edition – $59.99

NBA 2K18 Standard Edition includes 5,000 in Virtual Currency, 10 MyTeam Packs and MyPlayer apparel.

[ Buy NBA 2K18 Standard Edition on Amazon ]

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition – $99.99

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition comes with 100,000 in Virtual Currency, 20 MyTeam Packs, Shaq Attaq shoes, Shaq nickname jersey and Shaq Championship ring.

[ Buy NBA 2K18 Legend Edition on Amazon ]

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold – $149.99

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold is the most expensive version of the title that gamers can buy. It has 250,000 in Virtual Currency and 40 MyTeam Packs. MyPlayer items include Shaq Attaq shoes, Rookie Shaq Jersey, Shaq T-Shirt, Shaq nickname jersey, Shaq Championship ring, 5 Ness Shaq jerseys. 2K Sports will announce more MyPlayer character items for this version of the game soon.

[ Buy NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold on Amazon ]

NBA 2K18 Gameplay & Screenshots

NBA 2K18 gameplay and screenshots should surface soon. 2K Games usually begins teasing the latest title in the series around the time that developers and publishers congregate for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year’s E3 trade show begins on June 13th and lasts until June 15th. 2K Games should have early feature reveals for the event.

It’s not too early to get excited about the NBA 2K18 release. If previous games in the series are any indication, gamers will have another solid basketball simulation on their hands when it arrives.

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