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4 Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 5 & 5 Reasons Not To



Should you wait for the Apple Watch 5 or buy the Apple Watch 4 today? The Apple Watch 4 is about six months old, and you have about that long to wait for the Apple Watch 5, but this is also a very good time to start waiting if you don’t need to upgrade to replace a broken Apple Watch.

It’s early, but if you aren’t sold on the Apple Watch 4, we have some information that can help you decide if it is worth waiting for the 2019 Apple Watch or if you should buy one now.

The Apple Watch 4 is easy to find at most retailers, and we’ve even seen a few deals on it over the last couple of months including $50 off right now at Amazon. It will become an even more tempting purchase in May when you will likely see Mother’s Day and graduation deals. It packs in a ton of new features and we like our upgrade, but there are a few reasons to wait for the Apple Watch 5, or the 2019 Apple Watch.

Apple won’t talk publicly about the Apple Watch Series 5 for months, but they are definitely working on the next Apple Watch right now. We’ll start to see Apple Watch 5 rumors arrive soon 2019 and get a tease of what is to come with watchOS 6 in June 2019 at WWDC, which kicks off on June 3rd.

If you don’t want to wait this guide will help you decide which Apple Watch to buy in 2019, and you can use this list of Apple Watch 4 deals to make sure you don’t pay too much.

It’s a long wait for the Apple Watch 5, so if you are thinking about buying your first Apple Watch, you shouldn’t be waiting for the Apple Watch 5. This is what you need to know as you think about buying the Apple Watch or waiting for the 2019 Apple Watch.

Here are the Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 5;

  1. Wait for New Features
  2. Wait if You Have the Apple Watch 3
  3. Wait to See What watchOS 6 Brings
  4. Wait for New Health Tracking

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait for the Apple Watch 5;

  1. Don’t Wait for a New Apple Watch Design
  2. Don’t Wait if you Can’t Wait a Long Time
  3. Don’t Wait for Deals
  4. Don’t Wait for Apple Watch Android Support
  5. Don’t Wait if You Find a Great Apple Watch Alternative

Read through each of the reasons below to help figure out if you should wait for the Apple Watch 5 or not. As we learn more about this upcoming model we will fill in more of the Apple Watch 5 rumors below.

Apple Watch 5 Rumors

The Apple Watch 5, or Apple Watch Series 5, is not announced yet. We aren’t hearing much about the 2019 Apple Watch in rumors yet. What we can tell you with certainty is that it is not coming anytime soon.

Apple hosted an event on March 25th where they announced Apple News+, iOS 12.2 and watchOS 5.2 with support for AirPods 2. They didn’t talk about a new Apple Watch, and we don’t expect them to talk openly about the Apple Watch 5 in June at WWDC either.

With the WWDC 2019 keynote on June 3rd we expect to see watchOS 6 unveiled, which will allow us to get a better look at the direction of the Apple Watch and to understand what new features are coming to the Apple Watch 4 and older models. When a beta arrives, it may include clues as to what Apple is saving for the 2019 Apple Watch.

Expect to learn about potential new Apple Watch 5 features through leaks and analyst reports as WWDC approaches.

Wait for New Apple Watch 5 Features

Wait for New Apple Watch 5 Features

Apple packs in a lot of important upgrades for the Apple Watch 4, but if you don't see a feature you wanted then you may want to hold off for the Apple Watch 5. 

It's still early to know what new Apple Watch 5 features will make it into the final product, but we typically see Apple add in at least half a dozen key upgrades with each model. 

The Series 4 is a major upgrade, so the 2019 Apple Watch may be more of a "S" style upgrade like the current iPhone models. This means noticeable new features, but not world changing upgrades. 

If you aren't fully satisfied with the Apple Watch Series 4, wait to see if the 2019 Apple Watch delivers something you've been waiting for. 



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