When Does iOS 9 Come Out? iOS 9 Release Time Details
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When Does iOS 9 Come Out? iOS 9 Release Time Details



The iOS 9 release time is not confirmed, but Apple’s software release plans are predictable enough that we can offer a confident estimate for when you can expect to start the iOS 9 download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Users can expect the same iOS 9 release time in iTunes as they can over the air in the Software Update section of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple confirmed the iOS 9 release date during the special event last week where the company announced the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple TV and iPad Pro. The iOS 9 downloads will start on September 16th. Although the company shared many new details they did not announce an exact iOS 9 release time.

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This is a shift from releasing the new version of iOS two days before the new iPhone arrives. The iPhone 6s release date is set for September 25th with deliveries and in store pick up options available.

When you can expect the iOS 9 release time so you can start the iOS 9 download as soon as it is available.

When you can expect the iOS 9 release time so you can start the iOS 9 download as soon as it is available.

There are some reasons to avoid starting your iOS 9 download right at the first second, but for users who cannot wait to install iOS 9 on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch — here’s what you need to know about the iOS 9 release time.

Except in rare cases Apple sticks to the same release time for major updates. With this in mind we plan for a iOS 9 release time of 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern on September 16th. This is the same time that Apple started the iOS 8 downloads and many other major updates.

[contextly_sidebar id=”LbERtFniIs8pdlbSrLXpbLzJqK8LMMgL”]We saw the company deviate with the iOS 8.4 release, but that linked to a Beats 1 Radio broadcast, and there is no such event that we know of.

By pushing the iOS 9 release time to mid-morning Apple is able to make sure that everything is ready to go and there is no need for added support staff overnight to support a midnight iOS 9 release.

Here is when to expect the iOS 9 release time in your time zone.

  • Eastern – 1 PM
  • Central – 12 PM
  • Mountain – 11 AM
  • London – 6 PM
  • Moscow – 9 PM
  • New Dehli – 10:30 PM
  • Shanghai – 1 AM Thursday
  • Tokyo – 2 AM Thursday
  • Melbourne – 3 AM Thursday
  • Auckland – 5 AM Thursday

Apple does not traditionally confirm the iOS release times, but Tim Cook is on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight, which may include talk about the iOS 9 update. If Tim Cook discusses iOS 9 he might confirm the time, but this is not a sure bet.

When to expect the iOS 9 release time in your time zone.

When to expect the iOS 9 release time in your time zone.

The first hour after the iOS 9 downloads start will likely be problematic as users deal with longer than average downloads and the potential for server errors is high. We’ve seen iOS downloads hit six hours or longer, devices fail to verify at the end of installation and other issues, but for the most part these are not widespread and dissipate as demand slows.

While Apple offers two new iPhones this year there is a significant amount of attention on the iOS 9 release date as many consumers cannot wait to install the update that friends and others tested as part of a public iOS 9 beta this summer.

The iOS 9 update is free, like all recent iPhone and iPad updates, and you can download it on your device directly when connected to WiFi or by connecting to iTunes. Apple delivers iOS 9 for the iPad 2 and newer, iPhone 4s and newer and iPod touch 5th generation and newer. If your Apple device runs iOS 8, it will run iOS 9. You cannot use your iPhone or iPad for part of the upgrade process, so keep that in mind before you start your download and installation.

Watch the iOS 9 video above to see some of the best and most useful new iOS 9 features. In the video you see iOS 9 on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, but this same software runs on the iPhone 6 and older devices. Not all the new features will appear on the older devices.

You can see more of what’s new in iOS 9 in the slides below which walk through a collection of the new iOS 9 features and upgrades for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 9 vs iOS 8: What’s New in iOS 9

iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Walkthrough - Home Screen

iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Walkthrough - Home Screen

The image above shows that the iOS 9 home screen looks very much like the one on iOS 8. This is not surprising, but you will notice one major change to this screen. 

The new iOS 9 font on the home page carries over through settings and apps. It's surprising how much the look of the system can change with a small tweak to a new font.

From the home screen you can now swipe left to a new search screen, and you can still swipe down to Spotlight from any of the home screen pages.

When you upgrade you will also see options to add iCloud Drive to your home screen. 

Apple adds two new default iOS 9 apps that you cannot delete. Find iPhone and Find Friends apps now come with the iPhone by default. You can hide them in a folder, but you cannot delete the apps. The Find My iPhone app is a very good addition, while Find My Friends is still not as widely used. 

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