GBM Shortcut: Firefox optimized for a small touchscreen

While Warner focuses on the OOBE and non-geek perspective on the TEGA v2, I’m going full geek with mine. In this shortcut, I demonstrate what I’ve done with Firefox to make it better suited for a small touchscreen device.

Hard truth: Windows 7 simply wasn’t intended for touch input or small screens. It was designed for desktops and laptops with ample screen space and it shows. For handheld touchscreen tablets, a decent user experience takes more than a little tweaking. I’m doing just that with Firefox to make it small-touch-friendly using a combination of add-ons/extensions, as well as the native gestures in Windows 7 and the convenient Show Desktop button on the TEGA v2. Here’s what I’ve got so far.


Firefox add-ons featured include:

This is hardly an exhaustive list of all add-ons that can help make Firefox a better small-screen touch browser, just what I’ve applied over the weekend. Please add your own suggestions in the comments. Double fake bonus points* to anyone who can point me to an add-on that can read two-finger touch gestures.


*Fake bonus points are twice as valuable as real bonus points. In fact, multiply it by whatever value you want and it’s still just as valuable.