How to Add Secondary Keyboard to iPhone

Select Language

Adding a second keyboard to the iPhone is a very useful tool that can save time and increase productivity for many users. By default the iPhone only has a single keyboard enabled, which is the language most commonly used in your country. While this is fine, many people who speak multiple languages are left in […]

How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on the iPhone

In-App Purchases

The iPhone App store convinces many people to buy Apple, compared to other devices. While the App store experience on the iPhone is a great one, a hidden problem is with in-app purchases. In-app purchases are add-ons to an app that has previously been bought, or was originally a free app. While these additions improve […]

How to Sync Documents to iCloud with Pages

Tap iCloud

With all the buzz being about “the cloud” today, many users do not know what this is and how it can help them. Syncing documents between your iPhone by using iCloud is one of many examples of how useful the cloud can be. While there are other ways to get documents back and forth (such as emailing […]

How to Stop iPhone Repeat Vibration Alerts

Repeat Options

For the average iPhone user notifications are somewhat of a blessing and a curse. While they successfully alert the user with new messages, they are somewhat of a nuisance. One of the biggest culprits of this are text messages and iMessages. Unlike other notifications, these are especially annoying since they occur most often on the device. Repeat […]

How to Block Spam Texts on Verizon

Spam Call

Growing up, spam callers were a problem that seemed to have no solution no matter how many do not call lists you signed up for. And with the home phone being the main point of contact, it was more important to answer than it is today with our cellphones. Luckily advancements like caller id have […]

How to Stop iPhoto from Opening When iPhone is Plugged In


While most users do not plug their iPhone into their computer too often, there are some situations where this is necessary. For grabbing a quick charge, or backing up the iPhone, this process is extremely frustrating. One of the more annoying issues is that programs such as iPhoto and iTunes open by default. While this is […]

How To Customize the iPhone Notification Center for Productivity

Tap Settings

Notifications are a helpful feature of the iPhone that keep users alerted with important messages. But too many notifications are unnecessary and more of a nuisance than are helpful. By default many notifications are in notification center, which is the best place to receive alerts. While notification center is a great tool, it loses its utility when overrun with too many pointless […]

How to Answer the iPhone in Speakerphone All the Time

Tap General

When answering the iPhone, it is a pain to always have to hold it up to your ear. For those who take advantage of the speakerphone function, you can change the settings so that the default answering method is over the speaker. While using the phone app isn’t what people mainly use their iPhones for anymore, calls […]

How to Sign PDFs on the iPhone

Open Mail

The iPhone provides a convenient mobile toolkit wherever users go. One task common for smart phone owners is viewing and signing PDF documents. With the Adobe app using PDF documents on the iPhone is easy. This guide will cover how to open PDF files in your e-mail and files that are stored on your computer. Before opening the file, download the Adobe Reader […]

How to Use the iPhone as an Apple TV Remote

iPhone Remote Screen

Ever lost the tiny Apple remote? Remotes cluttering a room? The simplest way to cut at least one remote from your coffee table is to use the iPhone as an Apple TV remote. By using the iPhone as a remote not only do you have one less remote lying around, you also have added functionality. […]

How to Download and Open Zip Files on the iPhone

Tap Zip

With mobile technology, the ability to access files from anywhere is the new norm. This being said, there are times when certain file types do not work correctly on mobile devices. For iPhone owners this has been the case with any file in a zipped format. While zipping a file is a universal operation for computers, the […]

How to Change the iPhone Voicemail Message

Tap Phone

While the iPhone is a multipurpose tool, one of the essential functions of the device still is to make and receive calls. Although phone calls are becoming more of a thing of the past (thanks to text messages and other online chat services), many times a phone call can get your message across more efficiently. If […]

Five Useful and Affordable Camera Apps for iPhone


Every iPhone owner has a collection of apps that they recommend to their family and friends. Most of the time these apps include games, maybe an app to get things done. This list usually includes camera apps. Camera apps are common in the app store and they vary greatly. While most of the camera apps […]

6 Great Bluetooth Speakers for the iPad


The iPad’s speakers are okay at best. But for anyone who listens to a lot of music, more power is appreciated. And the best way to increase the sound quality of the iPad is to use an external Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker works by connecting to the iPad over Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers produce produce […]

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5? Will You Switch?

The Galaxy S4 is thin, not as thin as the iPhone 5, but thin.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was just announced. While feature rich, it has me less than impressed. Most of the new upgrades to the phone are interesting, but not enough to make the switch from the iPhone 5. The S4 is more of generational upgrade than an entirely new phone. The display of the device is […]

How To Fix Auto Brightness Issues On the iPhone

Set Low

The iPhone automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient lighting, but it doesn’t work as well as some would like. Luckily the ambient light sensors can be manually adjusted so that they behave correctly. By following a few easy steps, Auto-Brightness can be reconfigured to correctly respond to changing light conditions. Users can switch Auto-Brightness off completely if they […]

How to Set Up iPhone WiFi Backups on a Mac

Tap General

Many users neglect to back up their iPhones, which is just asking for trouble. Backing up an iPhone to a Mac is easier than ever thanks to WiFi Backup. There are advantages to using WiFi backup compared to iCloud backup and setup takes just a couple of minutes.  WiFi Backups work whenever your iPhone and Mac […]

How to Turn Off Auto Correct on the iPhone

Auto-Correct OFF

One of the many things that the iPhone is known for is its Auto Correct function. Unfortunately,  auto-correct creates more problems than it solves for some users. Turning off Auto Correct takes just a few seconds. Auto Correct scans words as they’re typed in to see if they match those in the iPhone’s built-in dictionary. When […]

How to Fix iPhone Bluetooth Headset Connection Problems

Pair Successful

This guide will show iPhone users the easiest way to solve most Bluetooth connection issues. Using Bluetooth headsets, speakers and other accessories is great… until they refuse to pair with your iPhone. Bluetooth pairing issues are common occurrences for some stubborn Bluetooth devices. The easiest way to solve iPhone Bluetooth connection issues to simply delete the […]

How to Use iTunes Without a Credit Card

Payment None

Some users they may not want to link their card to the Apple ID so that they avoid being tempted by the massive amounts of content available to buy instantly to help control spending. With songs and apps at about a dollar apiece it is easy for these purchases to rack up without you noticing. […]