Why iPhone 5s Users Don’t Need a Smartwatch: The M7 Chip


This last weekend was a fun one to watch mobile tech sites. Samsung put its new line of Gear smartwatches on sale. That includes the sexy-looking Gear Fit, which is more of a smartwatch and fitness tracker combination. Now that gadget bloggers and the media are getting their hands on the $200 device we’re seeing […]

How to Clip a Webpage to OneNote on iOS Devices


There’s just a lot of information out there on the Internet. Stuff we want to read later. Websites offering products we might want to think about purchasing later. Clever bits of writing we want to hang onto. Links. If you’re on the web each day, you’re watching the world go by page after page after […]

How to Change the Search Default on Kindle Fire Tablets


One of the tasks we like to do on a Tablet is Search. For some reason the very personal form factor lends itself to searching the Internet for information, content, or something to purchase. Whether we search in a browser, or from within an App, or from the Home Screen, Search is a function that […]

How to Use 1-Tap Archive on Kindle Fire HDX Tablets


One of the shopping dilemmas users have when considering a Tablet purchase is to determine the amount of storage they think they will need. Many Tablets can be chosen in capacities ranging from 16GB to 64GB, some have larger options available. Apple’s iPad’s have a 128GB option. Google’s Nexus 7 has 16GB and 32GB models. […]

How to Take a Screenshot on Kindle Fire HDX Tablets


Not everyone has an overwhelming need to take a screenshot on a mobile device. But it is a function that many like to have. With all of the sharing capabilities being built into smartphone operating systems and photo sharing services, the need to grab something off of your screen to send to a friend or […]

Amazon Eyeing a 3D Smartphone in September


Amazon has been rumored to be working on a smartphone for some time now. To add a smartphone to its collection of devices, which include Kindle readers, Kindle Tablets and now the new Fire TV, Amazon would have to work hard to distinguish itself and compete in a smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung […]

How to Watch HBO Go on Fire TV with Kindle Fire HDX Mirroring


One of the things we like to do with our small, portable, handheld Tablets is use them to display content that we can view and interact with on our larger screen televisions. Apple made this possible with AirPlay. With AirPlay you can “fling” what’s on your screen to your TV. That works for video content, […]

The Heartbleed Bug, The NSA, and the Story Continues


The only thing more popular to talk about on the Internet this week beyond larger iPhone rumors and Steven Colbert being chosen to replace David Letterman is the Heartbleed Bug. Since news of the Heartbleed bug first came out this week we’re continuing to hear more and more about how the bug came to be, […]

Apple Samsung Trial Docs: Samsung Misled Investors about Tablet Sales


Money may make the world go around, but some of the lubricant that greases those gears comes from analysts and the media who report the up and down fortunes of companies trying to sell us stuff. The media and some of those analysts get their information from companies who report sales numbers. Those who follow […]

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: Review


Tablets are everywhere these days. They come in a variety of sizes and price points. Some are real quality devices with quality software to run on them. Some are of the low cost variety with lousy hardware and lousy user experiences. Stuck in the middle of those two extremes are Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablets, specifically […]

The Heartbleed Bug and How the Internet is Coping


We’re into the third day now of dealing with the massive OpenSSL security flaw known as the Heartbleed bug. We’ve been reporting on the story in posts here and here. Essentially the Heartbleed bug is a flaw in the OpenSSL cryptological library, an open source encryption protocol that as much as two-thirds of the Internet […]

What do Carousels, Email, and Collaboration Have in Common? Dropbox


Cloud wars. They are so much fun for consumers because it means Cloud providers keep adding services that make our mobile lives more interesting. Without the Cloud we’d all be carrying around content of all kinds on our mobile devices and filling up our desktop and laptop hard drives with even more. Dropbox, the popular […]

OneNote Team Does Some Singing to Celebrate Les Miz Style


Microsoft and the OneNote and Office Teams may be breaking down some traditional barricades with the latest releases of OneNote for the Mac and Office for the iPad. In fact the moves seem almost revolutionary for the Redmond company. The OneNote team decided to celebrate the release of OneNote for the Mac, and what better […]

How to Improve iPhone Battery Life: A Genius Speaks


Battery life, battery life, battery life. It’s the subject talked about the most with mobile devices. Without decent battery life mobile devices become something you have to monitor your habits while using. That sort of defeats the point. By and large battery life has improved on most mobile devices that many users can easily get […]

Migrate Notes from Evernote to OneNote with Evernote2Onenote


Evernote and OneNote have always been in competition to store your digital stuff in the Cloud. OneNote lost quite a few users to Evernote because Microsoft never really pushed OneNote beyond its own ill defined borders. But Evernote pushed hard into the world of mobile computing and quickly became a favorite because it worked on […]

Fretpen: A Stylus That Is Also a One-String Guitar


Ah, the stylus. We’ve seen smart styli. We’ve seen dumb styli. We’ve seen short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, and just about everything in between. But this is the first time I think we’ve seen a stylus that doubles as a musical instrument. Specifically a guitar. More specifically a one-string guitar. Yep. You read that […]

Windows 8.1 Update on the Surface 2: Review

Screenshot (144)

Microsoft has released the “Update” for Windows 8.1 and it is now available for all users running that version of the operating system. Much of the focus has been on the changes made for keyboard and mouse users who apparently have been staying away from Windows 8 and 8.1 in such numbers that Microsoft felt […]

How To Find Google Now on Your Desktop with Chrome Browser

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.46.55 PM

A few weeks ago Google announced that it would be making Google Now available for all  desktop and laptop users running the Chrome browser. As is typical with these roll outs not everyone saw the new feature at once. Today it rolled out in my mobile office. Google Now displays information you need in a […]

How to Protect Against the Heartbleed Security Bug


Last night we, like just about every other site on the Internet, published a story about the very large and dangerous OpenSSL security bug called Heartbleed. The bug leaves large portions of the Internet open for malicious hackers to steal log in, credit card, and encryption keys.  Essentially sites that thought they were protecting user data […]

Microsoft and Yahoo Want Their Own House of Cards


The history of marketing and business models is full of those that follow the leader. No where is that more true than when it comes to TV and film content. Someone makes money with a hit and you can be sure there will be copycats and sequels ordered up. Apparently that same model is in […]