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9 Things to Know About the iPhone 5s iOS 11.4.1 Update



iPhone 5s iOS 11.4.1 Update: What's New

iPhone 5s iOS 11.4.1 Update: What's New

If you're moving your iPhone 5s from iOS 11.4, your iOS 11.4.1 update comes with bug fixes and a new USB Restricted Mode. You'll find this added layer of security in Settings > Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode.

If you skipped iOS 11.4, your iOS 11.4.1 update comes with Messages in iCloud and several bug fixes that could improve the overall quality of your device's performance.

We've put together a list of the best iOS 11.4 features and it's worth a look if you aren't familiar with the previous version of iOS 11.

If you're moving your iPhone 5s from iOS 11.3 to iOS 11.4.1, you get additional security patches. If you're moving from an older version of iOS 11, your update is a little more substantial. 

The iPhone 5s' iOS 11.3 update was a big release and it delivered a solid list of upgrades. These included keyboard enhancements, bug fixes, key changes to the App Store, improvements to Safari, and an assortment of bug fixes and tweaks.

If you failed to download iOS 11.3, you'll get the update's changes with iOS 11.4.1. If you're unfamiliar with the iOS 11.3 update's benefits, please take a look at our full rundown of its key features

If you skipped iOS 11.2.6, your iOS 11.4.1 update comes with additional bug fixes. One is a fix for an issue where using certain character sequences could cause apps to crash and the other is a fix for an issue where some third-party apps could fail to connect to external accessories. 

If you skipped iOS 11.2.5, your iOS 11.4.1 update brings support for Apple's HomePod speaker, an upgrade to Siri that lets you instantly stream a news podcast when asking the service about the news, and several important bug fixes and security patches.

If you're jumping up from iOS 11.2.2, your iOS 11.4.1 update features a security patch for the widely publicized Spectre exploit. If you value your security, you should update to iOS 11.4.1 in the near future. 

If you're already running iOS 11.2, your iPhone 5s' iOS 11.4.1 update brings a fix for a HomeKit vulnerability.

If you're coming from an older version of iOS, your update's change log will be much bigger thanks to the previous versions of iOS 11. 

The iPhone 5s' iOS 11.2 update was a huge release and it delivered a nice set of bug fixes including one for a pesky calculator issue. It also fixed the "it" to "i.t." autocorrect issue and a date bug that caused some devices to loop. 

If you're interested in the rest of the iOS 11.2 update's bug fixes and enhancements, take a look at our walkthrough

If you failed to download iOS 11.1.1, the fixes from that update are baked into your iPhone 5s' iOS 11.4.1 upgrade.

The iOS 11.1.1 update didn't come with any new features or security patches, but it did come with fixes for Hey Siri and autocorrect issues. 

If your Hey Siri feature's suddenly stopped working, and you missed iOS 11.2, download iOS 11.4.1. If you're seeing an issue where your "i" suddenly turns into a capital "A" with a rectangle, download iOS 11.4.1. It will fix it.

If you skipped iOS 11.1 you should consider installing iOS 11.4.1 because it will deliver all of the changes from the previous version of iOS 11. 

The iPhone 5s' iOS 11.1 update delivered several key security updates including an important fix for a Wi-Fi exploit. It also came with a few fixes for Photos, Accessibility, and Mail notifications. 

On top of that, iOS 11.1 brought more than 50 new emoji characters for the iOS keyboard. It also delivered some redesigned emojis.

If you're just now moving to iOS 11, your iPhone 5s iOS 11.4.1 update will deliver the features, tweaks, and enhancements from the previous versions of iOS 11. 

Apple's new operating system comes with a ton of user interface tweaks including a redesigned Podcasts app, screen recording, Siri upgrades, and security patches. Other highlights include a redesigned and customizable Control Center and the ability to easily share Wi-Fi passwords with friends.

If you want to learn more about iOS 11, take a look our iOS 11 vs. iOS 10 walkthrough and our list of hidden iOS 11 features.



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  4. Stuart

    10/13/2017 at 11:18 pm

    I have iPhone 5s. Battery is draining in half the time with new version on iOS and the phone freezes regularly. I have had three unprompted reboots and device gets hot just before it freezes and reboots.

  5. Ani

    01/14/2018 at 10:19 am

    Hi I have my iPhone 5s running iOS 11.2.2 when my iphone reaches 10% of battery . Lasts about 15 mins per 1% of battery in heavy usage the battery doing the same thing until she goes around 4-5% starts to does crazy. The iphone is restarting by itself. But I can’t understand I replace the battery after the update of 11.2.1 . But with the old battery it was the same problem . But now is faster in term of the speed . But this problem of long lasting 10% and the problem of 5% is something I never experienced before in iOS 10,9,8,

  6. Storm

    01/14/2018 at 1:52 pm

    I got the new update for my 5s and now it’s draining the battery rapidly. It was fully charged and I had it off the charger for about 10-15 minutes and when I came back to it, it hadlost about 10% not being used. It’s dying much faster than it has been and it takes way longer to charge up.

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