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5 Things to Know about the macOS Catalina Release Date & Features



The macOS Catalina release date is finally here with loads of new features and a few problems as well.

This is what you need to know about the macOS 10.15 release date, the new features that change how your Mac works with the iPad Pro and Apple Watch, as well as compatibility and other key details.

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This is what you need to know about the macOS Catalina update that is available to your Mac now.

macOS Catalina Release Date

What you need to know about the macOS 10.15 release date and features.

What you need to know about the macOS 10.15 release date and features.

The macOS Catalina release date here for all compatible Macs. You can download this now from System Preferences and install the update on your Mac. Some users report macOS Catalina download problems, but these should dissipate as the day progresses. .

New macOS Catalina Features

The macOS 10.15 update is a major upgrade for your Mac with a collection of new features, a way to use your iPad as a display for your Mac, new accessibility upgrades and support for iPad Apps and some interesting iOS features that finally make the jump.

  • Cross-Platform Apps – Run iPad apps on your Mac.
  • New Mac Apps – New Music, Books, and Podcasts Apps.
  • iPad as an External Display – Use your iPad as a display for your Mac.
  • Voice Control – Total voice control of the Mac.
  • New Find My App – A new Find My iPhone and Friends App Combo and you can find your Mac when it’s asleep.
  • Activation Lock – Your mac now has the same Activation lock as your iPhone.
  • Screen Time – Screen Time is coming to the Mc.
  • iPad Apps – Developers can bring iPad apps to the Mac with Catalyst easily.
  • Read More macOS Catalina Features

Some of these features are available with the update today, and others will not arrive until later this fall. Expect to see a macOS 10.15.1 update later this month or in early November. .

macOS Catalina Device List

What devices can run macOS 10.15?

What devices can run macOS 10.15?

Apple’s been keeping macOS updates available to older devices for quite some time, but last year they limited the availability somewhat. The good news is that you can install the macOS Catalina update on any device running macOS Mojave. Here’s a list of Macs that support macOS Catalina;

  •  MacBook (Early 2015 or newer)
  •  MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 or newer)
  •  MacBook Air (Late 2012 or newer)
  •  Mac mini (Late 2012 or newer)
  •  iMac (Late 2012 or newer)
  •  Mac Pro (Late 2013 or newer)
  •  iMac Pro (2017)

While you can install the macOS 10.15 update on many older Macs, you won’t get all of the new features. We’re looking into a breakdown of the specific feature cut off points and will update when we know more.

macOS Catalina Problems

We are already seeing macOS Catalina problems.

We are already seeing macOS Catalina problems.

We are seeing some macOS Catalina download problems and there are a number of apps that don’t work with macOS Catalina right now. This is a very important set of information to process before you install this update.

Here’s a look at the current macOS Catalina problems, as well as the things you need to do before installing macOS Catalina to help avoid any problems.

Major macOS Catalina Catch

Apple is cutting off 32-bit app support in macOS 10.15.

Apple is cutting off 32-bit app support in macOS 10.15.

For all the new macOS 10.15 features, there is a major catch that you will need to adjust to. Apple no longer supports 32-bit apps on this version of macOS.

Apple started warning users about this with macOS Mojave, and now the cutoff is real. macOS Mojave is the last version of macOS that will run 32-bit apps.

Developers will need to offer 64-bit apps to run on macOS Catalina. You can check your apps to see if any of your apps are 32-bit.

  1. Hold the option key and click on the Apple logo in the upper left.
  2. Click on System Information.
  3. Scroll down to Software and Choose Applications.
  4. Click on the 64-bit menu option to sort by it.

Once you know, you can look for alternatives or reach out to the developer to see if they have a plan to support you with a 64-bit app this fall.

6 Reasons Not to Install macOS Catalina & 12 Reasons to Install macOS 10.15.1

Using Your iPad as a Display + Apple Pencil

Using Your iPad as a Display + Apple Pencil

One of the biggest macOS Catalina features is called Sidecar. This allows you to use your iPad as an external display for your Mac. You can connect wirelessly, so this works at home as well as on the go, to amp up your productivity. You can also use this tech to work on your Mac with the Apple Pencil. 

The display option lets you extend your desktop or mirror the display. This makes it easy to either add more space or get a portable version of your Mac's display that you can take to the couch or just hold in your hand. I plan to use this with an Ergotron iPad mount to add another display on my desk. I'll also use it when working remote at trade shows and on business trips. 

Select Mac Apps will allow you to use Sidecar to draw and mark up items on your Mac using the Apple Pencil on your iPad display. This can replace a dedicated drawing tablet in some cases and is a really amazing free feature. 

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