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Apple Preps to Release First Products of 2017



Are you waiting to buy the iPad Pro 2, iPad Air 3 or even a 2017 Mac Mini? There is a chance that you will wake up tomorrow morning to a plethora of new 2017 Apple products on sale.

We’ve been expecting a 2017 March Apple Event for weeks and multiple sources pointed to new Apple products this month.

On Monday, March 20th Apple announced that the Online Apple Store will be down overnight for roughly five and a half hours. Apple calls this a maintenance outage, but the timing looks like it could be for new Apple products.

The Apple Store is going down tonight and you could wake up to see new Apple products without an event.

The Apple Store is going down tonight and you could wake up to see new Apple products without an event.

When Apple announces new products via a press release the announcement normally happens around 8:30 AM Eastern. This is when the Apple Store will come back online after an outage overnight. Apple typically takes the store offline ahead of new products. Most consumers are familiar with this during an Apple event, but it happens semi-frequently.

The Apple System Status page reports, “Apple Online Store – Upcoming Maintenance Tomorrow, 3:00AM – 8:30 AM All users will be affected. The Apple Store will be updated and unavailable during this time.”

We typically see Apple announce major product updates during events, with executives on stage and a big show, but there are other items that Apple announces with a simple press release. We don’t expect to see Apple announce a 2017 Mac Pro without an event, but the company could add some updates to the lineup with simple announcements in the morning.

We could see Apple announce the rumored red iPhone 7, an iPad Air 3, new iPad mini or even a 2017 Mac mini spec update in the morning. It is less likely that we will see a major revision to an iPad Pro that changes the screen size, but it is possible.

Everything We Expect Apple to Announce in 2017

iPhone 8

iPhone 8

We expect the iPhone 8 from Apple this year. This is the flagship iPhone for 2017, and it may only come in one size. 

Expect a huge 5.8-inch or 5.5-inch display in a phone that isn't much bigger than the iPhone 7.

Apple will switch to OLED, like the screens on Samsung smartphones. Expect a new edge-to-edge display and to see Touch ID as part of a display with no physical home button. 

Count on a completely new design, wireless charging and a faster processor to power what may be the most expensive iPhone yet. The latest leak shows an outline of the iPhone 8 directly from Apple

We expect an iPhone 8 release date in the fall, shortly after an Apple event. iPhone 8 concept by Georgy Pashkov.


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