Best Tech of 2013

With a few exceptions, 2013 wasn’t about all-new groundbreaking products and services. Instead we saw a lot of improvements and refinements. Our favorite tech products from 2013 range from affordable phone accessories all the way up to a $1,500 pair of high-tech glasses.

We have more Apple products in our list than from any other company. Apple refreshed its entire product lineup, improving both its OS X and iOS lineup. The only mobile Apple product to get a serious redesign was the full-sized iPad. Otherwise, Apple’s updates were mostly all about improving performance and battery life.

Android device selection is much better than a year ago. Android users jealous of the iPhone’s build quality were treated to the HTC One, while those who think bigger is better got the updated Galaxy Note 3. We also saw a couple of very good affordable Android phones in 2013.

Here's a look at the best tech of 2013.

Here’s a look at the best tech of 2013.

The Ps4 and XBox One were both launched late in the year, ushering in a new era of console gaming and living room entertainment. But in our opinion, only one of them is a much more complete experience.

One trend that we like about tech products in 2013 is that a lot of good tech is getting more and more affordable. Amongst our favorite affordable tech products is a device that turns almost any car into a smart car for just $99.

Will we see even better consumer tech in 2014? Almost certainly, but a lot of the products launched in 2013 will make a huge mark on the industry for years to come.

Here’s our list of our favorite products and services from 2013:

Moto X

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Moto X

The Moto X arrived in the shadows of bigger name phones with useful features and a mass customization option that allows users to pick the color of the phone without adding a case.

Motorola shakes up notifications with a new Active Display which will turn on the display when it senses motion to show you your missed notifications, and can light it up when a new one comes in. This is vastly better than a blinking LED notification that doesn’t tell you anything about the notification.

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Add in a great design, wonderful looking screen and the ability to say Ok Google Now at anytime to wake up the phone and start a Google Now search and it’s no wonder the Moto X made our best of the year list.

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