10 Best Third Person Shooter Games for Android

This guide details some of the best third person shooter games for Android. If you love non-stop action and taking headshots, TPS titles are perfect. There are thousands of games on the Google Play Store and it can often be hard to find quality games worth spending money on. We’ve done the hard work for you and gathered them all in one place.

We have everything from intense fast shooters, Grand Theft Auto mayhem, and arcade-style gun games. Most of these titles are free and offer tons of entertainment, or are good enough to spend a few dollars on.

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While first person shooter games are the most popular, there is no shortage of third person titles with the same stunning graphics and action-packed gameplay. As more games get released in 2017 we’ll update this list. In the meantime, try one of the awesome games in our slideshow below.

Android games are approaching console-quality graphics but most of them need a powerful new smartphone or tablet. That said, some use graphic controls and sliders for the best experience, just like PC games.

These 3rd person shooter games will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next target, give you grenades to throw, and outfit you with super-human abilities and a suit of armor. Not to mention there are plenty of dangerous missions to complete, co-op modes, and even multiplayer third person shooters like ShadowGun.

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Flipping through the hundreds of games on the Google Play Store is challenging. Most of them are poor copies of others and not worth playing. That said, we have some great PC and console ports that are worth playing. Games ported from a console to work with mobile devices. Take Overkill 3 as an example, it’s like Deadspace for Android and loads of fun. So, don’t just download any game you find, download the best titles that are gamer-approved. Our list will save you time, money, and recommend games you’ll actually enjoy.

Additionally, Android Nougat’s new Vulkan API for graphics ensures the highest quality possible on a mobile device, and that will only improve when Android O arrives later this year. We also recommend checking out our list of some action games, and the best fighter games for Android while you’re here.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto

The first game that comes to mind has to be Grand Theft Auto or the entire franchise. If you're a fan of Grand Theft Auto on PC or console, why not play them on Android? Luckily for us, Rockstar Games has delivered five of their games for Android.

One of my favorites is still Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but that's just one of four others you can try on any Android smartphone or tablet. The graphics are the same as a console, which means they look great. You'll enjoy Bluetooth controller support, and improved controls built from the ground-up for mobile devices and a touchscreen. Try Vice City, San Andreas, and others, or download them all. 

Keep in mind that these are the full games, which means they take up a lot of space. We recommend a device with an SD card or a newer phone and tablet with at least 64GB of storage. 

Download Grand Theft Auto


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