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15 Common Galaxy Note 10 Problems & Fixes



If you’re not enjoying your new phone as much as you expected, this guide goes over a list of the most common Galaxy Note 10 problems and how to fix them. It’s Samsung’s biggest and best phone yet, but it’s not perfect. Whether that’s the fingerprint scanner acting funny, camera glitches, S-Pen issues or something else.

You don’t need to call Samsung support and browse the forums for hours or try to get help from your carrier. Instead, we’ll help you fix most Note 10 issues right at home. Then, we’ll continuously update this post with more info and fixes as we find them.

These are common issues we see with most new smartphones, Samsung devices, and other Android phones. So while the Galaxy Note 10 is still brand new, these will help you get the best experience from your phone or fix frustrating little issues.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Fingerprint Scanner Problems

First things first, we want to talk about the fingerprint scanner. Yes, all Galaxy Note 10 devices have a built-in screen protector. You can remove this if you’d like, which may give you better results with the fingerprint scanner. We saw a lot of failed attempts during the setup process with the S10, but that’s not a problem with the Note.

The under screen fingerprint reader is a cool feature.

If you’re dealing with scanning problems move your finger in several different locations while you do the registration process. Then, register your fingertip a few times holding the phone with one hand, as that’s how you’ll likely unlock it the most. Don’t hold the phone in one hand and use the other to tap. Register your finger while holding the phone as you normally would.

When you add a case we recommend redoing the entire finger scan process again, to get the angle right. Plus, we’re hearing registering the same finger twice substantially improves the results, too. And finally, whether you do or don’t use a screen protector, try this trick to increase screen sensitivity.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Accidental Screen Touch Problems

This is one big phone, and it’s even bigger if you chose the Galaxy Note 10+. With a huge 6.8-inch screen some people are getting accidental screen touches or taps. Accidentally opening the Edge apps panel, launching apps, or just waking the screen by accident.

With almost no bezels, there isn’t anywhere to put your hand during use. That said, one quick change in settings will prevent these accidental taps. Or, just disable the edge panel as I did.

  • Go to Settings and select Display
  • Scroll down to Accidental Touch Protection
  • Flip the switch to ON

Not only does this help prevent accidental taps and touches in general, but it also helps with accidental taps in a pocket, purse, bag, or dark areas.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 App Drawer Button Missing

If you’re coming from an older Galaxy Note phone you’re in for a surprise. There are no physical buttons, no home key, and no app tray icon. They’re all gone. Some owners are getting frustrated that they can’t find all of their installed apps. Swipe up, and they’ll appear. Or, here’s how to go back to the old style.

  • Press and hold down on any blank space on your screen. It will zoom out to an edit and layout page, and give you setting or wallpaper options.
  • Tap the gear-shaped settings button.
  • Next hit the option in settings labeled “Apps Button” and select the “show apps button”.

This way you’ll have a button that launches a tray with all of your apps like before. Or, if you’re coming from an iPhone select “Home screen only” if you want all the apps on your home screen like iOS.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Apps That Aren’t Full Screen

With a huge 6.3 or 6.8-inch HD screen, some apps don’t use the entire display on your new Note. This is due to the long aspect ratio, similar to 16:9 widescreen movies back in the early days of HD movies and Blu-Ray players.

Most apps and games scale up to fit the entire screen, but some don’t. If so follow these steps to fix the issue. That guide is from the Galaxy S8, but the same steps apply even on Android 9 Pie One UI.

  • Pull down the notification bar and head to Settings (gear-shaped icon near the top right)
  • Tap on Display
  • Select the option labeled Full screen Apps
  • Tap on any app that isn’t full screen, and switch it from Auto to Full Screen

By now almost every app and game works great with the bigger screens of Samsung devices. So, you shouldn’t deal with this very often, if at all. If you do, just force them into full screen mode. Now it will automatically scale to the new 18.5:9 aspect ratio and fill your entire display with content.

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Additionally, when you launch an app and it doesn’t use the entire screen, you’ll see a little popup at the bottom of the screen to quickly toggle it to full-view. Tap that to instantly switch.

Galaxy Note 10 Freezing & Unresponsive Problems

Is your Galaxy Note 10 or some of its apps freezing and becoming unresponsive? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen it on a new Samsung device. You might experience this in the contacts app or phone dialer while trying to make a call. Or just general laggy performance at times.

If your Note 10 is frozen or unresponsive press and hold both the power and volume down buttons at the same time, and hold them down for 7-8 seconds. The phone will turn off, reboot, and start fresh. This will not harm anything and simply forces the phone to restart, even if it’s completely frozen and the screen is black. Give it a try.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 WiFi & GPS Problems

Once any new phone comes out, we see reports about WiFi problems. And, we’re already seeing comments about poor performance, WiFi drops, connection issues and more with the Galaxy Note 10. This is rarely a phone problem and instead usually something else entirely.

We’ve found that Samsung’s super helpful SmartSwitch tool for transferring an old phone to a new phone can often be the problem for bad WiFi. The software transferred the name, password, and connection for you and sometimes it causes a glitch in the Matrix. Those experiencing Galaxy Note 10 WiFi problems should try all of these steps.

First, we recommend you forget your WiFi network and re-enter the password on the phone. Do this by heading to Settings > Connections > WiFi. Push and hold your home internet connection and tap forget network on the pop-up. Then search for a WiFi connection, find yours, put in the password and it should work. Better yet, reset your network to default settings.

We also recommend unplugging the power to your router for a good 10 seconds to give it a fresh start. Then try reconnecting your Galaxy Note 10 again.

And finally, we have one other very helpful tip for WiFi issues. Go to Settings > Connections > WiFi > Advanced Settings > and disable the WiFi sleep option. That way WiFi stays on no matter what, even when the screen is off. Now all your apps and services continue to use WiFi, and you don’t need to keep the screen on while you update apps.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Always-On Display Problems (Or Lift to Wake)

Samsung added a new “lift to wake” feature to the Galaxy S10 that’s also on the Note 10. When you pick it up the screen automatically comes to life. It’s nice, but some people don’t like it. Plus, we’re hearing complaints that the lift to wake or AOD feature is making the phone wakeup in pockets, which is draining the battery.

Here’s how to change, customize and tweak the always-on display. We’ll also show you how to turn off the lift to wake feature.

Go to Settings > Lock screen > and tap on Always-On Display. From here, you can customize anything and everything. Personally, we recommend using the always-on display to cut down on screen turn-ons, which will increase battery life.

Then, go back to the main Settings menu and go to Advanced Features > Motions and gestures > and uncheck the Lift to wake feature. While you’re here, kill the “double-tap to wake” if it keeps going off in your pocket.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Battery Life Problems

With bigger battery packs and faster charging than any Galaxy device, these phones should last plenty long and recharge super fast. It’s pretty impressive. Still, you might face a battery problem or have random battery drain you’ll want to fix.

First, here’s our big guide to fixing bad Galaxy S10 battery life problems. Use those tips on the Note 10. Your next step to solving any battery situation is by heading to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage to see what’s going on. This gives you a detailed breakdown on what uses what, and what’s using the most.

If an app is malfunctioning or misbehaving it’ll use too much battery and appear at the top of this list. If you see anything other than Display, screen, Android System, or a recent app or game you’re using, then something isn’t right. Disable or reinstall any app or service that’s draining more battery than it should.

Then, we have one other tip that could potentially make a big difference. It’s a weird mobile data thing we’ll be turning off.

Basically, turn off any and all network or carrier enhancement or diagnostic tools. The June/July update for the AT&T Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus added something called “AT&T mobile network diagnostics” to the mobile networks settings menu, and is ON by default. It’s also on by default with the Galaxy Note 10, and takes a big chunk of your battery life.

Turn this off using our steps in the image above, and look for something similar from Verizon or T-Mobile.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Camera Problems

So far we’re not seeing any big complaints about the Note 10 camera, but it is still brand new. Some users are complaining about auto-focus in third party apps, but that’s about it so far, which is good news.

For now, the only real “problem” we’re seeing is that the buttons for the 3-4 rear cameras don’t always switch to that specific lens. I’m not seeing this issue, but if you are, try rebooting your phone. Then, users are reporting poor lighting and a super dark super slow-motion video experience. The 960 FPS slow-mo feature needs a lot of light for the best experience, so if you try it indoors, you won’t enjoy the results. That’s not a problem, it’s just how the new technology works so far.

If we see anything else about the camera or you’re having problems let us know in the comment section below.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Wet Speaker Problems

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are IP68 dust and water-resistant. Meaning you can take it in the shower, drop it in the pool, or use it at depths of around 5 ft without worry. The phone can technically handle around 5ft for 30 minutes and still work fine.

However, if either of the two speakers get wet your phone will sound funny and muffled for a minute. This isn’t a concern and there’s no damage either, you just need to let it dry.

Samsung uses a coating on the inside of the device to keep the components safe. Then, something they call “surface tension” to keep water out of both speakers. If water gets in there just tap it gently against your hand to push any water out of the speaker. Most likely there’s nothing wrong with your phone, just give it time to dry.

Bonus tip: Never charge your phone when it’s wet. Let the USB Type-C charging port completely dry before you plug in your phone to refill the battery.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen Problems

Are you experiencing problems with the S-Pen on your Galaxy Note 10? This year Samsung added multiple noteworthy new features to its stylus. This little device now has more sensors, Bluetooth, a gyroscope and more. This way you can use the S-Pen as a remote control, a magic wand, pause/play movies or YouTube, and even as a shutter button for the camera.

However, that also means there’s a small built-in capacitor battery that can and will run out. And while all the usual S-Pen features work 24/7 some of the wireless options need battery life.

If your Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen isn’t doing what you want, put it back inside the phone for about a minute. Yes, in under a minute it’ll recharge enough to last over 30 minutes. Again, that’s only for a few features, as everything else we’ve ever used the S-Pen for works even if the battery is dead. If you’re having other problems let us know in the comment section below. Try leaving it in over-night if you lost it for a few days.

Reboot Your Galaxy Note 10 to Fix Most Problems

Before we share our last tip, try rebooting your phone. Seriously, almost every problem we hear from friends, family, or see online can quickly be fixed by rebooting your Galaxy Note 10. Text messages not coming in, reboot your phone. Your sound isn’t working, reboot the phone. Camera acting funny, reboot your phone.

Press and hold the power button on the side of your Note 10, then tap restart. Within about 1 minute you’ll be up and running with almost every problem gone.

Also, go to Settings > Device Maintenance > and tap the 3-dots in the top corner and select Auto Restart. Now, choose the time and day of the week, like Monday at 3 AM. This way your phone will reboot once a week at night so performance stays at its best, and problems are a thing of the past.

How to Factory Reset the Galaxy Note 10

It’s likely that you won’t experience any major problems with the Galaxy Note 10 or 10+. If you tried everything we mentioned above and checked with your carrier for help, we do have one last step you can try before asking Samsung for a replacement. The last resort to fix big problems is doing a factory data reset. This will erase all user data, apps, messages, and content from the phone. Only do this if something is seriously wrong and a show-stopping problem.

Keep in mind that you will want to backup any data before you proceed. Go to Settings > General Management > and hit Reset to get started.

This process will only take a few minutes and will restore the original software that came with your phone. Then, just use Samsung SmartSwitch or Google restore to get all your apps back. Again, this is the last resort if you have major problems. If this doesn’t fix it, consider reaching out to Samsung or your carrier for a replacement phone.

What Else & What’s Next?

If anything else emerges over the coming weeks and months as more people buy one, we’ll report back and look into anything we see. Basically, stay tuned for more information.

In closing, we want to mention what’s coming next. Now that the phone is readily available expect a few quick big updates to fix any immediate issues. Kinda like the launch-day update Samsung sent out. Then, maybe one every 2-3 months moving forward. Basically, as Samsung gathers info they’ll rapidly deploy patches to fix any issues.

Then, Samsung will vastly improve and perfect the experience as they begin work on Android 10. Yes, Android 10 is right around the corner for your Samsung device. Well, it’ll be out, but Samsung won’t deliver it to users for a few months and likely sometime in January-March of 2020.

Basically, just know that a few more updates are coming soon, in addition to Android 10 next year. For now, drop us a comment below if you’re experiencing any other major issues and we’ll do our best to help, or research a fix for you. Otherwise, enjoy everything your phone has to offer.



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  2. Bryan

    08/22/2019 at 8:37 pm

    Hi, Another for the list Sound equalizer does not work in any way.

    • Cory Gunther

      08/27/2019 at 2:30 pm

      If I understand right, the equalizer only works when you’re wearing headphones. Have you tried that?

  3. Ryan R Mallory

    08/24/2019 at 3:05 pm

    We have 3 of the 10+ in my family and found no solution to one other problem. If you turn on motions rather than soft buttons for back, home, show open apps… the pen will not work for that use. You have to use your finger. That’s awkward when the pen is in your hand.

    • Cory Gunther

      08/27/2019 at 2:33 pm

      Oh that’s dumb. The S-Pen can’t get the gestures to work. Have you tried swiping up from the bottom of the screen with the S-Pen to get the motions to appear?

  4. Maryna

    08/24/2019 at 7:36 pm

    There is only sumsung keyboard for 5 languages. What’s about other languages like Russian,Vietnamies,Sanish? It disappeared in note 10 + thus s-pen doesn’t work for these languages either. You cannot write.

  5. Anil Kumar Mohapatra

    08/26/2019 at 10:23 pm

    D pen ଏୟାର actions doesn’t work. As soon as I take the pen out the battery dies and the spen disconnects and asks to put it back in to connect. When connected after inserting it shows 100% battery but when I remove it it again gets disconnected and the process repeats. Can’t get it to work. Have tried resetting the s pen. Reset is the last thing I haven’t tried yet.

    • Cory Gunther

      08/27/2019 at 2:28 pm

      If your S-Pen battery is completely dead no matter what, on the Galaxy Note 10, get a replacement phone. Something is wrong with yours. The S-Pen can completely recharge extremely fast, and should not be dead, almost ever. Unless you leave it out of the phone for a month.

  6. Jordan

    08/29/2019 at 11:18 am

    My spens button and motion controls stoped working. Tips?

  7. Michelle Schefe

    08/29/2019 at 9:16 pm

    S-pen also stopped working. Just got the phone 2 days ago. When I try to reset it, it says it cant be found. What the heck???

  8. Marcus Ransom

    08/29/2019 at 11:58 pm

    OK here’s a new bug.
    I open my camera,
    go to landscape on auto
    rear camera.
    Open options,
    it opens diagonally then closes.
    I put the phone in portrait mode, open options,
    options open for a split second and then closes every time.
    Option Won’t stay open
    I restarted the phone, and no luck

  9. Dariush Rezaei

    08/30/2019 at 4:25 am

    I got the note 10 plus a week ago. Another camera button appeared down right of the screen where the Switch to front camera is, covered nearly all of the button make it hard to switch to take selfie. I’m returning it back now.

  10. Pekkle

    08/30/2019 at 3:42 pm

    From time to time, the camera app shows black screen. I had to reboot to fix the issue.

  11. Alex

    08/30/2019 at 9:33 pm

    There is a problem with camera pro mode zoom…. some if the zoom when u take photo it will become grey…. its an intermitter issue. Please check it and send to service ASAP… its a defect that they dont even know… was informed a few step to rectify it unable… and they dont even know what is the problem

  12. Aakash

    08/31/2019 at 1:00 pm

    I have purchased note 10 plus very excited but it restarts randomly 7-8 times automatically also checked auto restart setting it is off very very disappointed dont know whatto do plus help

  13. M Alvie

    08/31/2019 at 2:24 pm

    Has anyone noticed Samsung’s Live Messages are blurry when sending to another contact? I use Live Messages often and I never had an issue with my Note 9 or Note 8…the Live Messages would always come out clear/HD. Ever since getting my Note 10 Plus, Live Messages looks High Def when I’m creating it but when I send it, it’s very blurry. I’ve tried clearing cache in both Messages and Live Message, reset app preferences/settings and nothing…anyone else experiencing this?

    • DP817

      09/05/2019 at 4:58 am

      I have the same issue. I used it quite often and now cant even share anything. No help from samsung at all.

  14. A H

    08/31/2019 at 5:26 pm

    I have a samsung note 10+ and I am having problems sending the ar emoji through the stick messaging app that came with the phone. It sates failed unable to send file not supported and when I look at the details to see details its sending as a file and not a mms. I went to my carrier and samsung and did several tech steps and nothing works. And looking its worthless to do a factory reset because it dose not remove nor reboot the software. Samsung stated go to some ufixit place to have the software reset. It seems that will cause more issues than helping.

  15. A H

    08/31/2019 at 5:33 pm

    I am having a problem sending the ar emoji I created on the messages stock app that came with the phone. I am getting a error message failed unable to send file not recognized and when I look at the details its sending as a file and not a mms. I contacted samsung and my carrier and talked to tech and did all kinds of troubleshooting steps and nothing work. Samsung said take it to a ufix it place to have the software reinstalled on the phone. Because doing a factory reset dose not remove the updated software.

  16. Krisma

    09/03/2019 at 2:54 pm

    Have problem with s pen writing
    Won’t let me write on the whole screen..only some part of screen can be written and some cant write on it

  17. Travis

    09/04/2019 at 8:00 pm

    Also having an issue with a dead spot on the screen. I had this issue so I went back to the store and traded out my phone for a new one. The new one has the same issue. There is a spot in the middle right of the screen that just does not recognize the spen.

  18. Simone Byrd

    09/08/2019 at 12:55 pm

    I’ve had issues with the front camera focus. All the selfie pics are blurry and I’m not showing how to correct the issue.

  19. Julia

    09/08/2019 at 4:03 pm

    Is anyone having low volume issues on phone call speakerphone? The speakers work perfect with everything else, super low speakerphone volume during calls.

  20. Phillip

    09/12/2019 at 12:41 pm

    My husband and I just bought the galaxy s10 note plus and we love our phones. However, we cant see when our messages are delivered nor read. Even though the option is “on” when we go to message settings. We’ve tried turning that off and then back on. Nothing, even tried restarting our phones and still nothing. Please help? anyone else have this problem?

  21. Dwight

    09/14/2019 at 6:18 am

    I have the Note 10+. It is bluetooth connected to my Mazda entertainment system. While connected, I can’t get Google maps navigation commands to come from the phone speakers. The only time it comes from the in car speakers is if I connect the car system to the Pandora app on my phone. The only way I can get the commands to come through the phone speakers is to disconnect the bluetooth from the car. My goal is to have the commands come through the phone speakers without connecting the car system to Pandora or disconnecting the phone’s bluetooth connection to the car system.

  22. KP

    09/15/2019 at 1:18 am

    Could not my Themes update, got error S2 . Any idea? Thanks

  23. Jay

    09/15/2019 at 8:59 pm

    I am having issues with callers calling in and saying that I sound muffled. This is when I use the Smart LED View Cover from Samsung. If I open it no problems. But then whats the point in having a smart cover and having to open it to answer?

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