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Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Apple Watch Series 1 in 2018



Should I Buy the Apple Watch Series 1 in 2018? That’s the question I hear from friends who are looking at getting their first Apple Watch, and the answer is simple.

You shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch Series 1 in 2018. This is especially true if you are buying it new from Apple at full price.

The Apple Watch S1 is $80 cheaper than the Apple Watch 3, but if you look for a deal you can often save $50 or more on the Apple Watch 3. The newest Apple Watch is easily worth the $30 extra for features and long term support. Read my Apple Watch 3 review to find out why it’s a great fit for your wrist.

Another option is to wait for the Apple Watch 4 that Apple is likely going to announce in September 2018.

You shouldn't buy the Apple Watch series 1 in 2018.

You shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch series 1 in 2018.

The Apple Watch 1, or Series 1, is nearly two years old. It will get the free watchOS 5 upgrade this fall, but it might not get the next upgrade in 2019.

While you can still use an Apple Watch on older software with iOS 11 or iOS 12, you won’t get any new features and it may not work with all of the new iPhone features that come in 2019.

The Apple Watch Series 1;

  • isn’t as fast as the Apple Watch 3
  • isn’t waterproof
  • doesn’t have built-in GPS
  • Siri won’t talk back to you
  • you can’t get a LTE enabled model.

It’s simply not a good deal in 2018, especially this close to a new Apple Watch announcement. Here’s more on which Apple Watch you should buy.

There is a very good chance that Apple stops making the Series 1 in September and switches to the Apple Watch 4 that sells alongside the Apple Watch 3 or a new lower tier model.

If you need an Apple Watch today, buy the Apple Watch Series 3, but if you can hold off, wait until a September Apple Event to see what the new Apple Watch can do, and if it is a better option for you.

Check out everything the Apple Watch can do, plus what the Apple Watch can do without the iPhone. Keep reading to see the reasons you should wait for the Apple Watch 4, and the reasons you should buy an Apple Watch today.

6 Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 4 & 4 Reasons Not To

Wait for an Apple Event That's Happening Soon

Wait for an Apple Event That's Happening Soon

We've learned that Apple submitted six new Apple Watch 4 models for approval to the Eurasian Economic Commission, which is something that only happens when the company is nearly ready to announce and release. 

The Apple Event is September 12th, which is when we expect to see Apple announce the new Apple Watch. This is two weeks away, and it's definitely worth waiting for at this point. 

If you are considering buying an Apple Watch at all, you should wait until the event takes place so you know what you are getting. This will allow you to buy the newest model, or buy the older model knowing what you are passing up. 

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