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Surface Pro Bluetooth Problems & Fixes



Surface Pro Bluetooth problems are annoying and all too common. Use these tips and tricks to fix any Surface Pro Bluetooth problems that you run into.

It doesn’t matter what Surface Pro you have, Bluetooth problems can and will occur. The Surface Pro 3 sometimes disconnects from keyboards and mice without warning and Surface Pro 4’s mouse cursor routinely slows down when you open the Start Menu with a Bluetooth mouse. Even the 2017 Surface Pro, Microsoft’s latest device, has trouble communicating with the Surface Pen and the Surface Dial.

It’s tempting to ignore these issues by attaching a Surface Type Cover or a switching to a wired mouse, but don’t do that. Surface Pro Bluetooth problems shouldn’t prevent you from getting the most out of your device. Also, Surface Pro keyboard problems might ruin that workaround one day.

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Here’s how to fix Surface Pro Bluetooth problems.

How to Turn On Surface Pro Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

There are two ways to turn on Surface Pro Bluetooth and connect your favorite accessories and extras.

Action Center

To turn Bluetooth on from the Action Center, tap or click on the message bubble in the bottom-right corner of your screen. If you prefer touch, place your finger on the right edge of your device’s display and swipe to the left.

Now that the Action Center is open, tap or click on Expand at the bottom.

Finally, tap or click on the Bluetooth button in the menu. If you haven’t made any changes to where your settings show up in this list, the Bluetooth button is in the bottom-right corner. The button says Connected if you already have Bluetooth on and talking to your favorite accessories.

Settings App

You can turn on Bluetooth from the Settings app too. Type Settings into the search box along the bottom of your screen. Press the Enter key.

Click on Devices.

Flip the Bluetooth switch at the top of your Settings app to On.

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How to Connect Surface Pro Bluetooth Accessories

You connect Surface Pro Bluetooth accessories by pairing them with your device one at a time. Some accessories will ask for a PIN or demand you type in a passcode to confirm that you want to pair your accessory to your Surface Pro. This is normal.

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Open the Settings app by clicking on the cog in the Start Menu.

Click Devices.

Now click the Add Bluetooth or Other Device button at the top of your screen.

Select Bluetooth from the pop-up menu. Now pick up the accessory you are trying to connect and put it into pairing mode. If it’s a keyboard or mouse, look for a button with the Bluetooth symbol on it like the menu below. You can use Bluetooth to connect another PC or smartphone too. Just make sure you have the second device nearby to confirm any codes Windows 10 might ask for.

How to Fix Surface Pro Bluetooth Not Working

For whatever reason, Surface Pro Bluetooth can stop working. There are two fixes for this.

Windows 10 will fail to connect to a Bluetooth accessory if it’s installing a Bluetooth driver update. Open the Settings app and click Updates & Security to make sure that’s not what’s happening with your device. If you are installing an update, wait for the update to finish. Your Surface Pro should chime once the update has installed and your devices are connected.

If that doesn’t work, restart your Surface Pro. Don’t press the power button because it only puts the device to sleep. Open the Start Menu by clicking on the button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Click the Power Button in the Start Menu. Finally, select Restart. 

How to Fix Surface Pro Bluetooth Pairing Problems

Surface Pro Bluetooth pairing problems are also widespread. Unlike other Surface Pro Bluetooth problems, pairing issues are usually caused by the device you are trying to connect to.

Try restarting the device that won’t pair with your Surface Pro. If it’s a mouse or keyboard, pull out its removable batteries. Leave them out for two minutes. Insert the batteries and try to pair again.

The device should pair this time. If it doesn’t, restart your Surface Pro and repeat the process.

How to Fix Surface Pro Bluetooth Speaker Problems

Surface Pro Bluetooth speaker problems occur when an app hasn’t correctly switched to the speaker or when your device doesn’t see the speaker as the default sound device. Try these fixes if your Bluetooth speaker isn’t playing audio from your Surface Pro.

First, confirm the Bluetooth speaker is connecting to your device. Click on the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Click the Settings cog on the left edge of the Start Menu. Click on Devices. Look at the list of paired Bluetooth devices to make sure your speaker is there. Speakers show up in the Audio category.

If your speaker isn’t there, restart your Surface Pro and pair it again to fix your Surface Pro Bluetooth problems.

If your Bluetooth speaker is listed, make sure your Surface Pro knows to use it to play audio. Click or tap on the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Click the arrow for a complete list of available speakers and select your speaker from this list.

To make your speaker the default sound device, right-click on the speaker icon. Select Playback Devices. Right-click on your speaker in the menu and select Set as Default Device.

How to Fix Surface Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Problems

Look for the latest software updates and drivers if you keep having Surface Pro Bluetooth keyboard problems. Logitech, Microsoft, Razer and have update utilities on their site that keep your keyboard in working order. Have the name and the model number of your keyboard nearby to easily find the right software for your device. Look for this model number on the bottom of your keyboard.

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How to Fix Surface Pro Bluetooth Headphones Problems

The power switch on the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Bluetooth headphones.

You should definitely learn how to fix Surface Pro Bluetooth headphones problems. The Surface Pro’s headphone jack is in an awkward place, and you don’t want a headphone cable draped over your keyboard as you type.

Before you do anything else, confirm your Bluetooth headphones are powered-up and don’t need charging. This is different for every pair of headphones, so check the manual that came with your headphones if you don’t know how.

If you already paired the device with your Surface Pro, turn the Bluetooth headphones off. Surface Pro devices sometimes have trouble connecting to Bluetooth headphones the first time. This results in choppy, terrible audio.

Next, close the music or video app that you’re using by clicking on the X in the top-right corner or drag the top of the app to the bottom of your screen.

Use the X in the top-right corner of your screen to close Groove Music or any app that won’t play audio through your headphones.

Turn your headphones on again. Once you hear the connection chime, click on the speaker icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Click the arrow and switch to your headphones.

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6 Best 2017 Surface Pro Accessories

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Surface Pen - $99.99

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Microsoft sells platinum, black, burgundy and blue Surface Pens online for $99.99. Those are the same colors the Surface Type Cover comes in. Each comes with a pack of removable tips. 

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