ThinkPad T431s: Lenovo’s Refined $949 Ultrabook

ThinkPad T431s 1

Lenovo introduced the ThinkPad T431s, a slim 14″ business Ultrabook. The ThinkPad T431s is the cleanest T-Series ThinkPad we’ve seen to date thanks to a healthy dose of user-friendly design touches. Lenovo put a lot of effort into evaluating how people actually use its notebooks in the real world. Designers put prototypes into the hands of […]

HTC Going After Galaxy S4 Seekers on Twitter

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Those searching for the Galaxy S4 on micro-blogging site Twitter will find the HTC One. HTC is aggressively marketing against Samsung by promoting its own Tweets when people search Twitter for information on the Galaxy S4. The HTC One is the Android smartphone manufacturer’s one and only flagship device for the year. The company is […]

Hundreds of Thousands Watch Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Live on YouTube

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Samsung is in the midst of announcing the long-awaited Galaxy S4 at Radio City Music Hall, a venue with just over 6,000 seats. That’s quite a bit of room to accommodate industry insiders and Samsung fans, but that’s just a tiny fraction of the more than 400,000 people watching the Galaxy S4 unveiling live on […]

HTC Crashes Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Party in New York

An HTC rep shows off the HTC One at Samsung's Galaxy S4 Launch Event

HTC reps are crashing Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event in New York today to show off the HTC One. At least three HTC reps are showing off the HTC one to members of the media and Samsung fans waiting outside of Radio City Music Hall in New York, where Samsung is set to unveil a […]

iPhone 5S Could Use Color Choice as Selling Point


Apple could make a big splash by offering the iPhone 5S in multiple colors. Color options beyond the black and white options Apple currently offers are something some iPhone buyers are already paying hundreds of dollars for. Apple is well aware of this and the company would stand to profit if it were to simply […]

iPhone 5 Battery: Over a Week of Standby Time is Easy


The iPhone 5 battery can survive on standby for a full week on a single charge. Though It’s pretty easy to chew through an iPhone 5’s battery in a single day, it’s also pretty easy to keep it powered on for up to a week if you barely use it. This is especially important in […]

Nokia’s New $20 Phone Can Do Things the iPhone 5 Can’t

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At just under $20, Nokia 105  compares favorably to the iPhone 5 expensive smartphones in a few key areas, but it’s not meant to replace Apple’s devices. Instead, Nokia is selling the device to emerging markets, where 2.7 billion people do not own mobile phones of any kind, primarily due to cost. Introduced today at Mobile […]

Transport Company Saves Big Money, Improves Safety with Rugged Tablet PCs


Heniff Transportation Systems shuffles 300 trucks, 550 trailers and hundreds of drivers. The company employs rugged Tablet PCs in order to better serve its customers, meet safety standards and keep costs in check. Illinois-based Heniff Transportation Systems serves an array of clients that need to move bulk liquid chemicals. About 40% of the tanks the company […]

Are These Photos of the iPad mini 2?


What may be leaked photos of the next-generation iPad mini are making the rounds. The photos show what’s claimed to be the rear aluminum shell of the iPad mini 2. The shell largely looks similar to the iPad mini currently on shelves, but it has blue logos and appears to be thicker. Launched late last […]

New iWatch Concept Based on Apple Patent, Jony Ive’s Watch


A new iWatch concept surfaced today that’s based on one of Apple SVP of Industrial Design Jony Ive’s watches and a patent Apple filed years ago. There is a lot of speculation floating around that Apple will release a watch later this year that will act as an iPhone companion. This new iWatch concept solves the […]

$1.99 ‘Instagram for Video’ iPhone App Saves Oscar-Nominated Film

Video thumbnail for youtube video $1.99 'Instagram for Video' iPhone App Saves Oscars-Nominated Film

A $1.99 iPhone app saved helped a filmmaker complete an Oscar-nominated documentary. The filmmaker turned to the 8mm Vintage Camera app out of necessity after running out of funds to purchase and process 8mm film for his Super 8 camera. Searching for Sugarman is an award-winning documentary about a musician known as Rodriguez that is a legend in […]

Airframe: $25 Dashboard Mount fits iPhone 5, Galaxy S3


Accessory maker Kenu is getting ready to ship Airframe, a $25 smartphone car and travel mount that’s flexible enough to fit most smartphones, including the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. The Airframe mount is compact and stays in place by clipping onto any car’s air vent. The Airframe features a rotating clip that can mount […]

Jabra Motion: Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Pros

jabra-motion 1

Jabra introduced a new feature-packed Bluetooth headset for mobile professionals. As its name implies, the $129 Jabra Motion is able to sense if it’s moving to improve sound quality and save battery life. We caught up with Jabra Product Manager Morten Urup in San Francisco to check out the company’s latest creation. The Jabra Motion […]

Cheap Lightning Cables Now Available at Monoprice for Less Than $12


Monoprice is now selling Lightning USB cables for $11.77, a 38% savings compared to Apple’s $19 cable. The online retailer is well known for selling generic cables and accessories for a fraction of what Apple, Monster and others’ goods sell for.  The availability of cheaper Lightning cables should ease many iPhone 5 users’ frustrations over […]

5 Battery Alternatives to the Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5


The long-awaited Mophie battery case for the iPhone 5 is finally available for order, but it might not be the best option for those looking for extra battery life. Though it’s the lightest Mophie iPhone case yet, it’s still bulky and there are too many trade-offs for some iPhone 5 users. Fortunately, there’s no shortage […]

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock Better Manages Desktop Accessories


Belkin showed off its Thunderbolt Express Dock at the Macworld/iWorld 2013 Expo in San Francisco. Like other Thunderbolt-compatible accessories, this dock commands a premium price. As its name suggests, the Thunderbolt Express Dock employs the Thunderbolt port found on current Macs. The dock allows users to connect Ethernet, FireWire 800, three USB 3.0, headphone, microphone […]

SCOTTEVEST Q-Zip Review: A Great Polo with Room for Your Daily Gadgets

Video thumbnail for youtube video SCOTTEVEST Q-Zip Review

The SCOTTEVEST Q-Zip is a long-sleeved performance polo that has enough room to pack a few gadgets and accessories. Its breathable construction makes it ideal for travel. I’ve purchased and reviewed several SCOTTEVEST (SeV) jackets, pants and other garments over the years. SeV clothing design makes it easier to carry and use gadgets while on […]

SCOTTEVEST Sport Coat Review

scottevest-sport-coat-review 2

The SCOTTEVEST Sport Coat allows gadget lovers to discretely carry a bagful of gadgets, without having to choose between geek and chic. At just $200, it looks good enough to wear to business meetings, or on a stage, while giving quick access to your favorite mobile devices. I first started wearing the SCOTTEVEST (SeV) Fleece […]

Riding a Giant Mechanical Spider at CES 2013


A giant mechanical spider made an appearance at CES 2013 and the guys who built it were kind enough to let us take it for a test drive. The Mondo Spider is part work of art, part engineering testbed and all kinds of awesome. The Mondo Spider was built by a team of Vancouver-based artists […]

AT&T to Allow FaceTime over Cellular for More iPhone Users


AT&T announced today that it will soon allow more customers to place and receive FaceTime video calls over its mobile network. Those on tiered data plans, including iPhone 4S users, will be able to use FaceTime over AT&T’s cellular network. Originally launched at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2010, Apple introduced FaceTime alongside the iPhone 4. […]