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OQO Offers Live Support Chat

It is always good to see companies going the extra mile to help their customers. OQO is doing just that with their recently launched Live Support Chat. Here are...
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GBM InkShow: HP Mini 1000 Netbook

I have not been a huge fan of Netbooks, mostly due to the size of the keyboard, screen, and being worried about performance. Having a chance to review the HP Mi...
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GBM Podcast #59: Nothing But Net

In GBM Podcast #59 we inaugurate a new feature for our podcasts called Nothing But Net. Yep, you guessed it, it is a segment in which we talk about nothing but...
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GBM InkShow: Fujitsu T5010

I have had the Fujitsu T5010 now for the last two weeks and it's proven to be a very capable computer. I've already given the T5010 a Shortcut tour, a written...