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30 Amazon Echo Tips and Tricks



An Amazon Echo is only as useful as the things you can do with it. Once you have unboxed your new smart speaker, use these 30 Amazon Echo tips and tricks to take full advantage of Alexa and all that she and your speaker can do together.

An Amazon Echo is a lot like a smartphone in that it gets new features all the time. That’s one reason you need these Amazon Echo tips. New features are added to the speaker without Amazon announcing them every few weeks. Did you know that a recent software update made it possible to stream music to an entire household of Echo speakers at the same time? These Amazon Echo tips teach you how to set up that feature and enable other options you don’t know about.

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New features don’t just come with software updates either. Install new Alexa Skills and you can pair your Alexa with apps, services and accessories from your favorite companies. There are Alexa Skills for turning your Echo Show into a flashlight and a pizza delivery service. Skills for music services and radio stations give you a new way to stream music that isn’t on Amazon Prime Music. Pair your Echo with an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a camera and a smart home skill to see who is standing at your front door from your TV.

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Get to know your new smart speaker with these Amazon Echo Tips. They will help you fully unlock everything that your Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show and Echo Plus can do.

30 Amazon Echo Tips & Tricks

  1. Turn Your Echo Into a Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Use Multiroom Audio to Fill a House with Sound
  3. Create Voice Profiles
  4. Change Your Echo’s Name to Computer
  5. Control Your Fire TV
  6. Ask Alexa to Repeat What She Said
  7. See What People Are Asking Alexa
  8. Subscribe to a Subscription Service
  9. Place Phone Calls to Landline Phones
  10. Get News Updates Throughout the Day
  11. Stream Footage from Your Camera
  12. Play Your Favorite Station by Name
  13. Turn Your Echo Into a Nightlight
  14. Use Routines
  15. Link to IFTTT
  16. Set Reminders & Timers
  17. Stream Spotify
  18. Open Specific Alexa Skills
  19. Adjust Volume Level with Voice
  20. Use Echo as an Intercom
  21. Order Things from Amazon
  22. Make Your Sound System Smart
  23. Obey Commands from Amazon Remote
  24. Buy New Music
  25. Lock Your Doors
  26. Give You the Weather Forecast
  27. Read You a Story
  28. Play Podcasts
  29. Mute Your Echo
  30. Take Charge of Your Lights

Turn Your Echo Into a Bluetooth Speaker

Turn Your Echo Into a Bluetooth Speaker

Use your Amazon Echo to play songs from your media collection by turning it into a Bluetooth speaker.

To do this, open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap the Settings button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Now choose the speaker you’d like to use Bluetooth with. Tap the Bluetooth menu item and begin pairing your smartphone, tablet or PC to your speaker. Once paired, put your Echo into its Bluetooth mode by saving “Alexa, switch to Bluetooth.”

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