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10 Best Job Apps to Find a New Job in 2020



Job hunting has changed dramatically since the last time you looked for a job. Job apps can now help you find a job, send you an alert when a potential match is posted and there are even smart new resume apps that can increase your chances of getting a job by helping you craft the perfect resume. These are the best apps to find a new job in 2020. Almost all of these tools are free, and they are handy if you are looking for a job in 2020 during stay at home orders and a tougher economy.

If you’re looking for a new job while still employed you have limited time and resources to put towards the process. Forget using your laptop to search and constantly comb through listings. The right job search apps can help you find the right job and can help you apply for the job right from your iPhone or Android.

While it can be a little annoying to type in your information over and over again, you can keep a lot of this stored on your phone to quickly enter it if you need to manually enter information, and then you can attach an expertly crafted resume to boost your chances.

Companies looking for a better way to collect information can try out this job application template at Typeform to simplify the process of collecting applications.

To get find a new job, you need to find out about the best new jobs faster and you need to apply with a resume that will stand out. These free job apps can help you find a great job. You can also use our two top picks for resume apps and services to make sure you stand out.

Best Job Apps to Find a Better Job in 2020

Here are the best job search apps to help you find a new job.

Here are the best job search apps to help you find a new job.

Indeed Job Search App

Standout Feature: Tons of job listings and easy to search and get notifications.

The Indeed Job Search app is one of the biggest resources for finding new jobs. Whether you are looking nearby, or across a larger area it is an easy way for you to find jobs in your area of expertise. When you come back into the app you can see new jobs that may be a good fit based on the previous jobs you searched for.

With the Indeed Jobs app, you can also set up email notifications for new jobs so that you find out about potential matches as soon as they are posted.

The Indeed Job Search app can save listings you like and there are some jobs that you can apply for right on the phone. You can also upload a resume and send it from the app. The app tracks jobs you’ve applied for.

Download the App: On iPhone  | On Android

LinkedIn Job Search

Standout Feature: Easy to spot an inside connection based on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Job Search app stands out because it can pull in jobs that might be a good fit based on your LinkedIn profile and on your connections on the social network. You can also manually search, but with the data it already has, you can find interesting positions that might be a perfect match in seconds.

You can also check a box on LinkedIn to let recruiters know you are thinking about a new job if you want others to see that you are looking. Keep in mind a recruiter for your company might know this as well.

The basic tools are free, but you can also pay for a $24.95 a month Premium option that will help you rank yourself against other candidates, help you with salary suggestions and even bump you up as a featured applicant on recruiter lists.

Download the App: On iPhone  | On Android

Monster Job Search from JobR

Standout Feature: Tinder-style swiping to apply with built-in messaging.

If you are looking for jobs nearby that match perfectly and you want to quickly set up interviews the Monster Job Search app powered by JobR is your best place to start.

Once you upload a resume or create a profile you can swipe through job openings and apply simply by swiping right. It’s like Tinder, but for a new job. The app allows you to filter by job types and location and promises that you can get interviews faster than any other app.

The app keeps track of your messages with employers right inside the app and you can keep talking with potential employers from inside the app instead of hunting for an email in a crowded inbox.

Download the App: On iPhone  | On Android

LiveCareer Apply

Standout Feature: Quickly fill in online job applications and resume fields.

With the free LiveCareer Apply app for Chrome, you can quickly fill out up to 15 fields on job applications and online resumes that require you to re-enter all of your information. This can cut the time it takes to fill out online job applications in half.

Simply install the free tool and then fill out your information in the included fields. When you are on a job application you can autofill all of the required fields. This is a huge time saver and it takes out the frustration of entering in all of the info you already have on your resume.

The LiveCareer Apply Tool works on;

  • LiveCareer
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Glassdoor
  • Snagajob
  • CareerBuilder
  • Dice
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkUp
  • SimplyHired
  • USAJobs
  • Wayup

The tool also works across a wide range of online applicant systems that you may encounter. You’ll still want to proof the job application before you submit, since some websites may not always label the fields correctly. The LiveCareer Apply job app is an essential time-saver for job hunters.

Use the App: On Chrome


Standout Feature: Find hard to find jobs.

While many jobs get listed on huge job boards, some of the best companies to work for are relying on word of mouth and only post the job on their website.

LinkUp scours these websites to help you find jobs that would otherwise fly below the radar. There aren’t always as many listings, but you can regularly find over a million listings and you can get insight into jobs that you might not otherwise find.

Visit the Site: LinkUp


Standout Feature: Quickly apply and connect with employers.

Switch uses a similar swipe layout to JobR, and it allows you to connect with employers inside the app. When you choose to connect with an employer your information is sent directly to the person who can make the decision to bring you in for an interview, which streamlines the process.

Switch won’t show you jobs at your current employer, and won’t show you to them. There are a lot of filtering options to find jobs that fit your experience, location and what you want to do.

Download the App: On iPhone  | On Android


Standout Feature: Quick access to jobs with hourly work.

Are you looking for an hourly job? You can use SnagAJob to quickly find and apply for local hourly positions. This includes part-time, seasonal, summer and full time jobs as well as filtering by industry so you only see those that apply to you.

When you sign up, you can import a lot of information from your social media account so it is easy to get set up. Many jobs allow you to apply with one click. This is a very focused job search app for hourly employment and it’s not the best fit if you are looking to break out of an hourly position, but for seasonal employment or lateral moves its a good option.

Download the App: On iPhone  | On Android


Standout Feature: Get the inside scoop about potential employers.

GlassDoor lets you see job listings and you can also research the company you are looking to work for. This tool combines job listings with feedback and ratings from employees so that you can easily figure out if you will be a good fit, and what the culture is like from the inside.

You can look through job listings, browse specific companies you may have found elsewhere or simply look through salary information to help you prep for an interview.

Download the App: On iPhone  | On Android

Best Resume Apps & Tools

Alexey Taktarov, founder of offers the following advice. “A well-written resume content is definitely not enough these days. Studies show that a typical HRs/employer has only 3-7 seconds to make a decision, so the structure or your resume matters. We spent years looking for perfect resume layouts, optimizing designs, and compiling tips for resume writing, interviewing hundreds of HR managers, and job seekers with successful experience. I can say for sure: it’s nearly impossible to get a bad resume with templates. is available with a free plan, but the paid versions offer more options, templates, and flexibility starting at $2.95 for a 7-day trial that renews at $19.95 a month. You can also choose a 6-month plan for $44.95 or a 12-month plan for $74.95.


Another option is to use Glever, which is a resume app for the iPhone and Android that helps you write a resume using Artificial Intelligence. This is a free resume app that will automatically fill out a professional-looking resume as you start typing about your position and your experience.

If you are looking for a way to make more money while you are looking for a better paying job, check out the best apps to make money, listed below. You can also make your money last longer with the best budget apps.

20 Best Apps to Make Money in 2020

Google Opinion Rewards - Make Money By Answering Questions

Google Opinion Rewards - Make Money By Answering Questions

You can make money answering survey questions on your smartphone with Google Opinion Rewards. Also known as Google Surveys by many users, this free app rewards you for sharing your opinion. This works on iPhone and Android, but the best way to make money is on iPhone. 

A member of the Gotta Be Mobile team earned over $100 with Google Opinion Rewards. All you need to do is answer questions and you'll earn anywhere from a 10 cents to a dollar. You can also answer Google Opinion Rewards surveys in stores to really earn more money.

The money that you make works for Google Play Credits on Android that you can use to buy apps, movies, books, and even spend on in app purchases for games like Clash of Clans without spending your cash.

iPhone users get the credit sent to PayPal when they have a balance of $2, which can happen every two or three weeks depending on how many surveys you qualify for. It's easy to earn when you start, but surveys may become less frequent as you go.

Download Google Opinion Rewards for Android and Google Opinion Rewards for iPhone.



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