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Highest Streamed Movies for 420



Here are the best movies to watch on 4/20 whether you celebrate or simply want to enjoy some hilarious movies. Amazon shared the highest streamed movies on Prime Video and it’s about what you would expect to see on 4/20.

Amazon sent over the stoner movies with the highest steams from 4/20/17 and a few other TV shows and movies to watch today. Amazon Prime Video is free with Amazon Prime and college students can sign up for a Prime Student 6-month Trial as part of the massive amount of student discounts that can save students over $1,000.

Here are the stoner movies that were streamed the most last year on April 20th on Amazon Prime Video;

  1. Up In Smoke
  2. Dazed and Confused
  3. Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
  4. Pineapple Express
  5. Friday

Half Baked isn’t on the list since it’s not part of any Prime Video, but if you add the Cinemax Channel to your Amazon Prime Video account you can watch Half Baked at no additional charge. Amazon Video Channels allow you to add on premium channels to your subscription for a monthly fee. You can also start a free trial of HBO on Amazon Channels to extend your binge watching today.

Amazon expects the Long Strange Trip to garner a lot of attention today. This Prime Original is a documentary that takes you on a look at the 30-year journey of the Grateful Dead.

You can also check out 20 seasons of Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting if you want something relaxing to watch. And of course, there is also the complete Spongebob Squarepants TV show to binge on.

While you watch you can check out a Master Class in Weed, find emoji specifically for today and learn about Magic and Eaze. If you’re looking for something else to do while you watch, browse the Wish app and surprise yourself with some of the cheap and shocking things you can buy on Wish. You just have to wait a month for them to arrive.

29 Surprising Things You Can Buy on the Wish App

Fake Gold Bars

Fake Gold Bars
$3.00 from Wish

You can buy Fake Gold bars on the Wish App. These small gold bars are designed to look like real gold. With a MSRP of $54 you only need to pay $3 to get an oz of fake gold that is designed to look like real gold. 

The description is up front about what you are getting. Even though the photo shows Credit Suisse and appears to show markings that this is real gold, it is identified as a replica souvenir coin.  

Most reviews indicate this is a great prank gift to give to someone. A real 1 oz bar of gold like this can be purchased on eBay for significantly more. 

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