Texting while driving is dangerous and with the new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature in iOS 11, you can remove the temptation to text and automatically let people know you cannot text them back with an automatic reply. This will also block calls unless you are connected to a hands-free accessory or to your car’s Bluetooth connection.

This optional feature is new for iOS 11 and it is not mandatory, but it will prove useful for people who find it hard to ignore a text message or call that comes in while driving. We’ll show you how to set this up and how you can set it to automatically start, the right options to configure and what you need to know about using it.

There is no way for you to make this mandatory for your kids’ iPhones, but you can show them how it works and tell it to automatically turn on when they are driving or connected to a car by Bluetooth.

How to Use Do Not Disturb While Driving

The new iOS 11 Do Not Disturb While Driving feature will make you a safer driver by removing the temptation to text or see other distractions while driving. You don’t need CarPlay or even in car Bluetooth for this to work. Here’s how to turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving.

How to setup Do Not Disturb While Driving on iOS 11.
How to setup Do Not Disturb While Driving on iOS 11.
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Do Not Disturb
  3. Scroll down to the Do Not Disturb While Driving Options.
  4. Tap on Activate.
  5. Choose how you want this to turn on. Manually means you activate it in Control Center. Automatically uses speed detection and Bluetooth turns on when it connects to your car.
  6. Tap on Auto Reply To.
  7. Choose who you want the iPhone to automatically text back saying that you are busy. You can choose no one, recent contacts, favorite contacts or everyone.
  8. Tap on Auto-Reply.
  9. Enter the message you want automatically sent to anyone who messages you while you are driving. There is a default message, but you can set up your own if you prefer it.

Whoever you set up to get an Auto-Reply can break through the Do Not Disturb by sending “urgent” as a follow-up message. This will let you know that you need to pull over and call this person.

That’s all you need to do to set up Do Not Disturb While Driving. When you are in the car, it should activate for you and prevent notifications if your screen is locked. If you are using Apple Maps or another map application, with the screen unlocked you may still see a notification appear on the screen. Apple may change this behavior as it continues work on iOS 11.

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There is a new iMessage App Drawer so that it is easier to find the apps you want while you are in an iMessage conversation. This means you can use the iMessage apps to send stickers and other short bits of information to people faster on iOS 11. 

Apple also now offers Messages in iCloud. This allows you to keep all of your iMessage and Text conversations in sync across your devices using iCloud. This also means that if you delete a conversation it is deleted across all devices. This will also help keep large message thread storage in check without the need to delete threads all the time. 


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  1. shanicosta

    07/18/2017 at 10:59 pm

    Apple iPhone iOS 11 current implementation of Do Not Disturb on Driving is a special feature for Drivers (Car or Truck). Recently apple update added Driving mode in iOS 11.In which all your call and message notifications stop, and you can auto reply to text messages. more info: https://www.howtoisolve.com/disable-enable-do-not-disturb-driving-mode/


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