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NBA 2K18 Features: 8 Reasons to Upgrade



Improved Colors, Better Looking Players

Improved Colors, Better Looking Players

You should pre-order NBA 2K18 if an authentic, more detailed look is important to you. Visual Concepts has dramatically improved the game’s visuals.

A screenshot by Visual Concepts that was posted to GameInformer reveals how much more detailed character models are in NBA 2K18 than in previous games. Gordon Hayward looks flat in NBA 2K17. His skin color is dull, and his eyes look dead. Also, his body construction is awkward.

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His body type matches his head in NBA 2K18. His hair, arms and brow glisten with sweat as they would if this were a picture of the real Hayward. Eyes in NBA 2K18 don’t look as lifeless as they do in NBA 2K17. Also, the Boston Celtics jersey he’s wearing has deeper colors and realistic wrinkles.

Don’t rush out to buy just any copy of NBA 2K18 expecting improved graphics. Visual Concepts hasn't clarified if these visuals are for all gamers on modern hardware or not.

The Game Informer comparison uses visuals from a PS4 Pro, which has more powerful hardware than the standard PS4 and the PS3. You may need to upgrade from PS4 to PS4 Pro to get the better graphics. Similarly, you may need an Xbox One X to get the best graphics possible in Microsoft’s ecosystem. Also, we don’t know how the game looks on the Nintendo Switch. It’s the least powerful of all modern video game consoles.

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