How to Turn Off Apple Music’s Auto Renewal After the Trial


Apple Music comes with a three-month free trial, but automatically renews by default when that three months is up. Here’s how to prevent that from happening. Apple Music was launched late last month alongside the iOS 8.4 update for the iPhone and iPad. The new music streaming service is built into the iOS 8 Music […] Tips, Tricks, Skins and Strategies

Use the strategies to survive., or Agar, is finally on iPhone and Android, delivering fun multiplayer gaming to users who want to take the webgame to their smartphone. We’ll walk you through what you need to know about the game and share the best tips, tricks and strategy that you need to master the game. Miniclip offers this game online […]

Android M Developer Preview 2: Quick Look at What’s New

Nexus 9-M

As expected, this afternoon Google released the highly anticipated Android M Developer Preview 2 update for supported Nexus smartphones and tablets. For those that want to see some of what’s new in Google’s recently announced Android M Developer Preview 2, we have a few screenshots and information to share. Back in May Google announced and […]

Stunning Office 2016 for Mac Release Finally Arrives


After months of previews and profiles, the Office 2016 for Mac release has finally arrived for owners of Macs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and iMacs. Microsoft revealed that today was the Office 2016 for Mac release day earlier today in a post on its Office Blog, months after it publicly began testing the upgrade and features. […]

How to Remove Music from Your Apple Music Library


If you added a song or an album to your Apple Music library, here’s how to remove it if you ever get tired of it. Apple Music was launched late last month alongside the iOS 8.4 update, officially marking the beginning of Apple’s journey into the music streaming forest. The company aims to take on […]

How to Get Better Apple Music Recommendations

Apple Music is a big part of the iOS 8.4 update.

If you’re enjoying Apple Music, but find that personal recommendations are a bit lacking, here are some tips and tricks on how to get better Apple Music recommendations. Apple Music was launched late last month alongside the iOS 8.4 update. It marks Apple’s official dive into the music streaming market to take on other services […]

How to Find the Perfect Apple Music Playlist


If you need a good playlist of music to have during your house party or when you’re working out, here’s how to find the perfect Apple Music playlist. You could always create your own playlist in Apple Music using hand-selected songs, but that can take a while, and if you’re in a hurry to come […]

How to Disable Automatic Artist Following in Apple Music


If you’re not a big fan of following artists on Apple Music, here’s how to keep Apple Music from automatically following artists on your iPhone. Apple Music launched late last month to the public, officially marking the company’s dive into the music streaming market to compete with the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and more. […]

How to Change the LG G4 Keyboard

LG G4 Back Camera

This quick and simple guide will explain how to change the stock keyboard on the LG G4 to something else for those who’d like a different typing experience on their new 5.5-inch Android smartphone. There are multiple keyboard options available on the Google Play Store, and here we’ll explain how to change some settings and […]

Who Deleted Me on Facebook: 5 Things to Know

Use this tool to see who unfriended you on Facebook.

Who Deleted Me on Facebook is more than just a popular question, it’s a new iPhone app that promises to tell you who unfriends you on Facebook or who deletes you on Facebook. The free Who Deleted Me on Facebook app monitors your Facebook friend list for changes and can show you who is no longer your […]

Why Spotify Is Better Than Apple Music


Apple Music launched late last month alongside the iOS 8.4 update, but here’s why Spotify is still better than Apple’s new music streaming service. In what could be called a late move by Apple, the company finally launched its own music streaming platform after years of dominating in the music business. It first revolutionized music […]

Best New iPhone Apps & Games [July 2015]


We’re now into July, which means it’s time to talk about the best new iPhone apps and games that were released over the last month. Last month, we featured a handful of cool apps including Google Photos and the new Pixelmator iPhone app that allows users to edit photos right on their iPhones with access […]

How to Set Beats 1 as Your Alarm on iPhone


We recently showed you how to set any Apple Music song as your alarm on your iPhone, but what if you want to use Beats 1 as your alarm in the morning? Here’s how to do it. Setting any song from Apple Music as your morning alarm on the iPhone is fairly easy to do, […] App: 5 Things Users Need to Know

Create hilarious and fun videos in the app. is a new app that shot towards the top of the free iPhone app chart and is one that Dubsmash, Instagram and Vine users definitely need to check out. The iPhone app delivers an instant video experience that lets users take part in contests, follow power users, musicians and celebrities as a way […]

How to Turn Off Apple Music


If you’re not a fan of Apple Music and would rather disable it, here’s how you can turn off Apple Music, sort of. Apple Music launched alongside the release of iOS 8.4 earlier this week, allowing users to finally begin using the company’s new music streaming service that aims to compete with other services like […]

Clash of Clans Update: 5 Things We Could See Next


On July 1st the hit mobile game Clash of Clans received one of the biggest updates in nearly a year that delivered tons of new features, level five dragons, new spells, and tweaks to keep the game at its best. It is a welcomed update that millions of gamers are enjoying, and here we want […]

How to Set Any Apple Music Song as Your Alarm on iPhone


We know that getting up in the morning isn’t the best thing in the world, but to make it a bit more bearable, here’s how to set any Apple Music song as your alarm on iPhone. Apple Music was released alongside the launch of the iOS 8.4 update last week, introducing Apple’s new music streaming […]

How to Use Easy Mode on the LG G4

LG G4 Back Camera

This guide explains how to use Easy Home or Easy Mode on LG’s G4 to simplify the smartphone for first time users, make the font bigger, and streamline the entire smartphone experience for those who’d like to keep things simple. Whether you’re new to smartphones, new to the LG G4, or recently switched from an […]

Which Jailbreak Tweaks Work with iOS 8.4?


An iOS 8.4 jailbreak was released earlier this week, and if you’re wondering what jailbreak tweaks work with the latest version, here’s what you should know. As with any new jailbreak that releases, one thing that becomes a waiting game is seeing which jailbreak tweaks will work and which ones don’t. It’s been a busy […]

Meek Mill Presents Bike Life: 5 Things to Know

Meek Mill Presents Bike Life - 2

Meek Mill Presents Bike Life is a new game that arrives right in time for the new Meek Mill album Dreams Worth More Than Money. This is a free endless runner style game that lets users ride a bike through the city. Here’s what you need to know about the new Meek Mill Bike Life […]